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Luxury Institute debuts Mastery of HNW Relationship Building online course

May 11, 2023

Milton Pedraza is founder/CEO of the Luxury Institute Milton Pedraza is founder/CEO of the Luxury Institute


Luxury Institute has launched a new online course called The Mastery of HNW Relationship Building as part of its educational program.

The course seeks to equip professionals who currently serve – or would like to serve – affluent, high-net-worth or ultra-high-net-worth clients in any capacity with the skills of high-performance relationship building using emotional intelligence and self-mastery to drive results.

Luxury Institute CEO Milton Pedraza and senior consultant Katherine Sousa will lead the course.

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Built on the fundamentals of Luxury Institute’s Luxcelerate High-Performance Training SystemThe Mastery of HNW Relationship Building offers individuals the opportunity to highly elevate their skills and achieve a return on invested time dramatically higher than any sales training course, per Luxury Institute.

Stories on top-performing relationship builders will be included throughout as case studies to demonstrate the power of emotional intelligence skills in building HNW relationships.

All course segments are self-guided and can be completed at the enrollee’s own pace. Each activity is designed for personal self-assessment to help the participant identify areas of performance improvement and achieve self-mastery.

The Mastery of HNW Relationship Building course is accompanied by Luxury Institute's proprietary Self-Mastery System Workbook to help drive performance daily.