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Magellan Jets targets millionaires via mobile app partnership

March 27, 2013


Private aviation provider Magellan Jets is eyeing millionaires through a partnership with iVIP’s luxury lifestyle application suite to offer exclusive benefits to high-net-worth users.

There are four levels in iVIP’s app membership including iVIP Black for certified millionaires. Magellan is offering extras for consumers at each level – Black, Blue, City and Red – to raise awareness of its services to wealthy and aspirational consumers.

“What we are doing is adding value to Magellan Jets and iVIP,” said Gregory Belezerian, vice president at Magellan Jets, Boston. “Strategic partnerships always add value to each party involved.

“IVIP provides a wide variety of services and Magellan Jets customers now have access to these – luxury rentals, yachts and other leisure-related services – and iVIP members now have access to the best private jet charter brokerage in the world,” he said.

Jet app-eal

Magellan Jets is one of the newest partners to offer extras via the iVIP lifestyle app suite.

Consumers who buy one of the paid memberships or download the free iVIP Red app have access to personalized and upgraded experiences from brand partners including Gordon Ramsay Restaurants, Virgin Limited Edition, Firmdale Hotels and Magellan Jets.

Brands that give benefits through the app suite include hotels, restaurants, butlers, theaters, personal trainers, private jets, casinos, personal styling and others.

IVIP app users can geo-locate venues and services to receive gifts, welcome packages, room upgrades, exclusive rates, priority access and more.

iVIP Black app 

Magellan Jets is offering a set of complimentary flight add-ons and upgrades to iVIP members depending on their level.

IVIP Black members can receive on board-catering, ground transportation and one complimentary upgrade.

Black membership is the highest level in the app suite and is reserved for high-net-worth consumers who can certify that they have assets or income of more than £1 million, or approximately $1.5 million.

Consumers can download the iVIP Black app for $999.99 in the App Store for the iPhone and iPad. Membership lasts for one year.

IVIP Blue and City members can get complimentary on-board catering and ground transportation.

Consumers can download the iVIP Blue app for $149.99 in the App Store. Consumers in London, St. Petersburg and New York can download the respective iVIP City apps for $149.99 to get special offers at handpicked venues.

Red membership is free so that consumers can preview the iVIP service. Magellan Jets is offering Red members complimentary on-board catering.

IVIP members can view Magellan Jet offers under the apps' "Private Travel" category.

Mobile mavens

Magellan Jets also has its own mobile touch point for customers.

The brand’s mobile app for the iPhone and iPad was updated last year to provide ease and consistency for those looking to make a quick getaway via private jet.

The app lets consumers find one-way and round-trip destinations, view aircrafts and call for assistance. It is priced at $4.99 in the App Store (see story).

Magellan Jets’ mobile efforts help it cater to target consumers who are using their mobile devices for both work and pleasure.

The partnership with the iVIP app suite increases its reach on smartphones and tablets.

“We saw how successful our own app was, and wanted to reach out to more luxury apps to make sure as many people know about our service as possible,” Mr. Belezerian said.

“The majority of our clients are connected by their mobile devices in or out of their office,” he said. “We want to be more accessible to our audience and continue to embrace change to drive excellence and enhance the client's experience.”

Final Take
Tricia Carr, editorial assistant on Luxury Daily, New York