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Mercedes-AMG to launch new guided driving series in Sweden

November 30, 2023

From driving courses on a frozen lake to roadtrips through the Arctic country, participants will get a true taste of both G-Class models and Sweden. Image credit: Mercedes-Benz Participants will get a true taste of AMG models and the Arctic Circle through the program, which now offers driving courses on a frozen lake. Image credit: Mercedes-Benz


German automaker Mercedes-Benz is hosting adventures in cold-weather climates come 2024.

The company will offer consumers the chance to improve their driving skills on the frozen waters of Sweden's Lake Galtisjaure as soon as next year. Professionals will guide those of all experience levels through a series of three to five-day courses, as Mercedes-AMG's Experience on Ice program teaches participants how to safely navigate in winter conditions from the comfort of the brand's luxury models.

Skidding into Scandinavia
Experience on Ice's exclusive trainings are shaped for varying degrees of ability, from beginner to expert.

The automaker's latest flagship model, the new, second-generation Mercedes-AMG GT Coupé, will be among the rides available to guests in the new year.

Fans of Mercedes-Benz headed to the Arctic Circle enjoy not only one-on-one driving sessions, but luxury stays as well — events include culinary highlights, on-site photography opportunities and overnights in high-end hotels.

On the lake, various courses are available depending on driving ability. Image credit: Mercedes-Benz On the lake, various courses are accessible to participants depending on driving ability. Image credit: Mercedes-Benz

The training itself features adventures through boreal landscapes abroad, as clients discover the country and get a feel for G-class models from the driver’s seat.

Numerous handling courses are prepared on the lake. The ice sheet is thick and stable during this time of year, providing an ideal setting for practicing correct braking and steering behavior.

Those in the “Performance” and “Advanced” course categories will engage in practical exercises, using technology, traction and proper techniques to handle challenging road situations, though “Pro” level attendees will need to have completed AMG Advanced training or another comparable program before hopping behind the wheel.

The technology and driving features of the G-Class models will be fully explored in the different events. Image credit: Mercedes-Benz The G-class models' driving features will be fully explored at the upcoming events. Image credit: Mercedes-Benz

For the first time, Mercedes-AMG will also host the G-Class Winter Expedition, allowing for off-road voyages and journeys off the beaten track, where few tourists go when they find themselves at the top of the world.

This specific event is four days long, filled with diverse routes between Arvidsjaur and the northernmost city in Sweden, Kiruna. Highlights include driving dynamic exercises, a Champagne reception and a snowmobile tour in the darkness of the polar night.

Those who pick this option gain access to the famed Icehotel in Jukkasjärvi along the Torne River. The inn and art exhibition has been open for over 30 years and, in true Nordic style, is made entirely of frozen water.

More information about remaining Experience on Ice itinerary items can be found at

Arjeplog gets less than three hours of sunlight in the winter months, making it a challenging time to drive. Image credit: Mercedes-Benz Arjeplog gets less than three hours of sunlight in the winter months, the boreal grounds providing solid test conditions for driver trials. Image credit: Mercedes-Benz

Many of the towns involved in Mercedes-AMG's program are favorites of the luxury vehicle industry, as brands increasingly turn to the north to test their prestige cars.

The extreme winter weather and challenging driving conditions make for a solid preview of how the machines will perform, even in the least ideal circumstances. Such trials are executed in Swedish municipalities including Arvidsjaur.

Arjeplog, where the frozen lake is situated, recently served as the testing site for British automaker Rolls-Royce. Last year, the company took to the ice to explore the capabilities of its electric Spectre vehicle (see story).