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Mercedes-Benz astounds carefree “valet guys” with self-parking feature

March 19, 2021

“Valet Guys” follows three valets throughout their day of parking cars. Image credit: Mercedes-Benz


German automaker Mercedes-Benz has unveiled an entertaining and action-packed preview at its future-ready intelligent park pilot feature.

The “Valet Guys” film campaign introduces the new S-Class model equipped with technology to pull in and out of parking spaces in parking garages equipped with automated valet parking (AVP). The S-Class is the first series-produced vehicle to feature technology required for future infrastructure-based AVP operation, therefore is prepared to operate driverless through smartphone command in the future.

Future of valet
In a tongue-in-cheek and deliberately exaggerated way, the ’80s-style film features three valet parking employees — Freddy, Rusty and Ace — exposing what “actually happens” when drivers hand over their keys.

What ensues is a montage of the valets engaging in exciting, yet reckless, driving behavior — from spinning into a parallel spot to backing into a space at full speed while drinking a soda.

One valet sleeps with his feet up on the dashboard, while the other two jump on the sides of a vehicle to make it bounce.

Mercedes-Benz ‘Valet Guys’ film campaign

With every vehicle, the valet guys increase their joy while further escaping the reality of their monotonous work lives.

At one point, Ace takes a vehicle out of the parking lot and is chased by a police car, which causes him to drive up a truck ramp launching the vehicle into the air. He returns the car to its owner without a single scratch or dent.

After they have had their fun, a voiceover interrupts the film saying, “Sorry guys, these times might be over soon thanks to the new S-Class with future-ready technology.”

Mercedes-Benz is currently testing the interaction of S-Class vehicle technology with the intelligent infrastructure from Bosch and the digital flow platform from parking operator Apcoa at the pilot P6 parking garage at the Stuttgart airport. With the flow platform, the parking process works completely without a ticket or cash.

Mercedes-Benz has made it clear that this parking function cannot currently be used, but will be available for use on public roads as soon as government regulations and infrastructure allow.

"Valet Guys" is the second film to spotlight an innovative safety feature of the new S-Class in a cinematic way. Last year, the film "Blowfish" introduced the subject of the first frontal airbag for rear passengers.

The “Valet Guys” film has been released worldwide across Mercedes-Benz social media channels on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTik, Twitter and YouTube. The brand will continue rolling out associated content through March 20.

Comedic storytelling
The automotive industry has leaned into entertaining and oftentimes comedic storytelling for marketing campaigns over the past few years.

In December 2002, Mercedes-Benz USA highlighted humor in a nostalgic holiday social media campaign featuring American comedic actress and brand ambassador Jane Lynch. Due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, commercial flights have dropped nearly 43 percent in the United States as people are opting to safely travel by car this holiday season.

Mercedes-Benz’s GLC In-Drive Safety Video campaign aimed to remind travelers of the joy of flying by satirically playing on the traditional in-flight safety videos (see story).

In 2016, German automaker Audi cast a computer-generated T-Rex for pilotless driving in a promotional film. "The Comeback" video went viral due to its use of humor to promote Audi's latest technological innovations.

The dinosaur’s narration begins by saying that at one time he felt like “the king of the world,” and could scare people just by walking out the door. The film then cuts to a security recording of T-Rex chasing people on a crowded subway platform (see story).