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Michael Kors brings Instagram campaign to life at Tokyo museum

November 15, 2013


U.S. label Michael Kors is connecting fans of its Selma handbag through an Instagram initiative that stimulates conversation and unites the brand’s global tribe of enthusiasts.

The fan-fueled and city-focused #JetSetSelma effort builds upon Michael Kors’ already diverse product-based digital presence. The label has successfully used key social media platforms, such as Tumblr and Pinterest, to solidify its relationship with core consumers.

"#JetSetSelma is a platform on which to build the association between the handbag's style, name and social media identity," said Lisa Pomerantz, senior vice president of global communications and marketing at Michael Kors, New York.

"Fans make this an enduring and compelling story by using their social channels to talk about the Selma and their style in a way that is natural for them," she said. "We're tapping into the way Instagram users are already employing the platform.

"Instagram photographers are already taking pictures of their surroundings, a beautiful sunset, a historic landmark, the view from a balcony. #JetSetSelma encourages women to combine their sense of style or the pieces they love with their surroundings and share it out to their social communities."

Michael Kors is celebrating the popularity of its Selma handbag, launched in Spring 2013, by asking fans to snap a photograph of their purse “on location,” upload it to Instagram and accompany the image with the hashtag #JetSetSelma.

Michael Kors Instagram post

Once uploaded to Instagram, the photograph joins the continually growing gallery on the the Destination Kors Web site. To entice more fans to participate, the brand gave away one Selma handbag per week between Oct. 18 and Nov. 18.

The brand cites label founder Michael Kors’ trip to London as the inspiration behind the initiative. Mr. Kors’ London Selma photo generated the most “likes” for an Instagram post orchestrated by the brand.

Fan locations include cities such as Barcelona, London, New York and San Francisco.

Some participants chose to take their photos near iconic landmarks or in nature, while others featured their Selma in everyday settings, which shows the versatility of the handbag’s design and the diversity of Michael Kors enthusiasts.

Michael Kors continued to take the Selma “on location” during an event at the Tokyo National Museum Nov. 13. The event celebrated model Miranda Kerr’s Michael Kors cover of Elle Japan magazine.

Michael Kors Instagram photo of the Selma bag in Tokyo

As guests entered the museum event the #JetSetSelma Instagram initiative was brought to life. A projector displayed a “digital mosaic” of skylines around the world and a Selma handbag.

More than 5,000 images were projected at the event including Michael Kors imagery, fan submissions using the hashtag #MKTokyo and images live-streamed from the event’s Phhhoto booth which attendees could share via text and social media.

Additionally, the photos will be printed to create a living exhibit on the walls of the museum.

Bringing the initiative from digital to physical creates an additional layer of engagement and conversation, especially in Japan where Michael Kors has a strong retail presence.

Tech-savvy angle
Exploring different social media platforms can bring a brand closer to their consumers.

For example, Michael Kors expanded its social media footprint with its #MKTimeless Tumblr channel that connects enthusiasts who have affinity for the brand’s watch collection.

The branded hashtag was inspired by a 2010 Twitter trend where enthusiasts used #MKTimeless to discuss their Michael Kors watches. The newly launched Tumblr joins Michael Kors’ Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts that also use the hashtag to connect with enthusiasts (see story).

Similarly, beauty marketer Estée Lauder relaunched its Advanced Night Repair serum campaign through a digital magazine on social magazine application Flipboard that includes editorial content from Hearst’s beauty editors.

Estée Lauder teamed with Flipboard to create content to support the relaunch of its Advanced Night Repair serum (see story).

Transitioning from digital to physical enhances the experience for the consumer and creates a lasting impression.

"The idea of taking a picture with the Micheal Kors handbag in it against famous or fun backdrops is a strong and simple one," said Simon Buckingham, CEO of Appitalism, New York.

"Instagram is the quickest and easiest way to post those pictures given its status as a primary picture-sharing social network," he said. "The Michael Kors campaign is all about how your handbag participates in your life adventures.

"Adding a museum exhibit in Tokyo adds to the glamor effect of the overall campaign as it makes the campaign more artistic and upscale."

Final take
Jen King, editorial assistant on Luxury Daily, New York