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Missoni, Hypebeast put contemporary spin on The Cardigan

October 10, 2022

Missoni and Hypebeast have put a modern spin on a sartorial staple. Image credit: Missoni


Italian fashion label Missoni and digital streetwear and lifestyle platform Hypebeast are guiding all eyes to a fall staple with a new collaboration.

The partnership has reimagined The Cardigan, available in a host of patterns, taking coziness to an entirely disparate plane of fashionable. Serving as a symbol of timeless versatility, The Cardigan brings a contemporary feel to a fashion staple, offering consumers a chic form of comfort.

"The Cardigan is a very powerful and universal piece," said Kimmie Smith, cofounder and creative director of Athleisure Mag, New York.

"With both brands lending their aesthetic to this garment is the most universal item that one could collaborate on where regardless of your personal style, you can see ways that this can be embraced into your look and even given to someone to pass down to future generations."

An updated classic
The partnership is based on thoughtfulness and brand heritage, as cardigans were said to be a staple in label founder Ottavio Missoni’s wardrobe. The Cardigan has served as a sartorial pillar of Missoni, and Hypebeast is helping give the iconic piece a modern flair.

In a short film spotlighting the new offering, models are seen fashioning the disparate variations of the new piece.

The Cardigan is available in an array of new colors and patterns

Adorned in disparate patterns, with The Cardigan bearing a specific black and white patch, the models own spotlight as they make comfort edgy and admirable, strutting along to a rock-and-roll instrumental soundtrack.

The Cardigan aims to reflect the feel of streetwear and rebellion.

Missoni describes The Cardigan as “designed to last forever,” on the product’s landing page, capturing the reliability of such a staple.

Available in several different iterations, each individual cardigan serves as a juxtaposition of color and patterns. Some have darker colorways, like brown and black, with white and cobalt accents, respectively.

Others have a trippy, more contemporary feel, with vibrant colors including orange, yellow and robin’s egg blue that come together to resemble a vibrant puzzle.

The Cardigan is retailed at $1,540 and is available in menswear and womenswear offerings.

Vibrantly Missoni
Often rich with color and a vibrant attitude, Missoni’s offerings facilitate its role as a mainstay in luxury knitwear.

Earlier this year, Missoni explored the intricate effort that goes into one this signature piece with a campaign focused on craftsmanship.

The details of the cardigan reflect the Missoni ethos. Image credit: Missoni

“The Cardigan” follows the making of one of Missoni’s colorful garments, focusing on the manufacturing rather than the design process. By focusing on the sights and sounds of the process, Missoni lets the cardigan speak for itself (see story).

The Italian fashion label has often fostered thoughtful, modern collaborations.

In 2021, Missoni was one of several luxury brands to partner with streetwear brand Supreme for added exposure.

The house’s signature colorful knit patterns adorned a capsule collection from Supreme, which includes bomber jackets, hoodies, polos and bucket hats. Supreme is a popular collaborator for luxury brands hoping to appeal to younger consumers that gravitate towards streetwear designs (see story).

With its latest collaboration with Hypebeast, Missoni brings a classic confidently into the future.

"Classic luxury brands are constantly looking for ways to reach out to other demographics and to show that their DNA can play with others," said Ms. Smith. "When you think about Hypebeast, which is known for keeping their eye on streetwear from a global perspective, it makes sense that Missoni would take their iconic approach to style and add this element of edge to their look while not compromising on the quality of the cardigans.

"A number of Missoni customers may find other brands of interest that they are aware of who have embarked on collaborations or brands that are new to them that play well with other items that they have in their closets."