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Miu Miu celebrates bravery, self expression in anecdotal campaign

July 23, 2021

British actress and brand ambassador Emma Corrin stars in the new campaign. Image credit: Miu Miu


Prada-owned fashion house Miu Miu is leaning into power and boldness of women for its fall/winter 2021 campaign starring actor and brand ambassador Emma Corrin.

Women have been a source of inspiration for Miu Miu for many years, and the brand continues to explore the idea of femininity through inspiring campaigns. To promote its latest collection, the Italian brand is releasing a series of short films where “The Crown” actress reads aloud anecdotes, recollections and remembrances that recount intimate memories, both true and fictional.

A Brave Heart
Photographed by Steven Meisel with creative direction by M/M Paris, Ms. Corrin is captured in a series of studio portraits. With each photograph, the brand and actress intend to reflect female archetypes: joyful and reflective; serious and seductive.

Accompanying the print campaign, a series of five short films show Ms. Corrin reinventing themself as different characters, through various personas.

Ms. Corrin recites anecdotes in the first episode of the campaign

She recites anecdotes, both true and imaginary, in their own voice and those of others. With this creative direction, Miu Miu is blurring the lines between acting and reality, provoking audiences to consider whether these are Ms. Corrin’s words or a script.

As Miu Miu aims to champion the notion of bravery and exploration, the campaign presents Ms. Corrin embodying the courage required by an actor to bring fantasies to life.

In the beginning of the first episode, she recounts the story of a young girl who cuts her hair short and goes to a disco wearing the clothes she wants, but is mistaken for a boy. Everyone laughs at the girl, but she does not understand the joke.

Whether the anecdote is true or not, it has personal resonance for the star. Earlier this month, the Emmy-nominated actor, who uses she/they pronouns, posted a photo embracing their gender identity by wearing a chest binder.

Chest binding is the gender-affirming practice of wearing something to flatten one’s chest, commonly done among transgender and nonbinary people.

Emma Corrin for Miu Miu, shot by Steven Meisel. Image credit: Miu Miu

In the Instagram post, Ms. Corrin details their journey with chest binding, saying it had been “some time” before she bought their first proper binder.

Through thoughtful campaigns, Miu Miu promotes freedom of expression, encouraging people to be brave and be themselves.

Inquiring minds
Especially over the past year, consumers have turned to fashion for inspiration, and luxury fashion houses have responded with contemplative messaging.

Italian fashion house Prada opened the conversation in a campaign, encouraging consumers to answer and reflect on profound questions.

Prada’s spring/summer 2021 “Dialogues” campaign examined the influence of technology and how fashion echoes the realities of contemporary society, with an assist from user-generated content. As technology shapes modern life, it continues to redefine how human beings see themselves and others (see story).

British fashion house Burberry questioned the idea of love and freedom in an introspective film, shot before its autumn/winter 2021 menswear presentation.

Filmed by Marc Isaacs, "At a Distance" captures various individuals on the street, in staircases and in courtyards near the brand’s flagship store in London. Throughout the short, each person is prompted to answer and reflect on questions regarding freedom and love (see story).