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Miu Miu finds friendship in the forest for fall

August 29, 2019

Miu Miu Fall Winter 2019 Miu Miu’s fall/winter 2019 campaign is set in Montana. Image credit: Miu Miu


Prada’s Miu Miu is introducing a new “girl gang” in its adventurous fall/winter campaign, in which edgy, feminine fashion meets the open skies of the mountainous West.

Model Hailey Beiber leads a diverse cast of free-spirited young women in a film directed by Eddie Wrey. In the same vein as other Miu Miu efforts, the vignette follows women who are unencumbered by societal expectations.

“The Miu Miu campaign is a reminder that fall is on the cusp and the dog days of summer are few and far between,” said Dalia Strum, educator at The Fashion Institute of Technology, New York. “A combination of fall outfit inspiration and locations that are reminiscent of harvest time keep the viewers inspired for the upcoming season.

“In this Insta-photo day and age, we are exploring more photographic moments on farms, and the great outdoors in general,” she said. “The idea of looking and feeling glamorous in those settings is typically extremely unusual, so the idea that this campaign accomplishes that mission, it motivates the viewers to attempt the same feat.”

Ms. Strum is not affiliated with Miu Miu, but agreed to comment as an industry expert. Miu Miu was reached for comment.

Miu Miu in nature
The film begins at daybreak, with wide shots showing the expansiveness of rural Montana. Miu Miu shot the campaign, which also features a collection of still images, at the luxury resort at Paws Up ranch.

A group of young women – including Ms. Beiber, Adut Akech, Jean Campbell, Abby Champion, Tang He, Meghan Roche and Aliet Sarah – take in the sacred silence of the morning.

Miu Miu’s campaign follows a group of women embracing the beauty of nature

The stillness of the scene is interrupted by a shot of all-terrain vehicles speeding down a country road.

Once the sun rises, the women split off to explore their natural surroundings. Some wander through the woods or lounge as a smaller group, while Ms. Roche is shown sensually floating in a stream.

A thunderclap marks the start of more exciting adventures.

Ms. Beiber appears dancing in the rain alongside a movie screen that hangs from the trees surrounding her. Some women duel with play swords fashioned from the trees, and others race ATVs together, screaming in exhilaration.

Miu Miu shared the campaign on multiple platforms

There are other instances of make-believe that evoke youth and freedom, with models posing with their colorful heels as if they were phones and dancing through fields.

As the skies begin to darken, one model begins running a film projector to play a movie for the group. When rain begins to fall, they instead choose to joyously dance in the light of the projector.

Fashionable friendships
Miu Miu often tells stories of encouraging female friendships in its campaigns.

A previously effort, “Head in the Clouds,” tells the story of two women whose lives intersect via a pair of the brand’s Cloud sunglasses. This film fits with Miu Miu’s ongoing storytelling about women who are inquisitive and a bit daring.

For the film’s launch, Miu Miu focused on its Web site and Instagram account, including IGTV. Leaning into the vertical format of the video application, the film was created in both portrait and landscape perspectives (see story).

The brand also continued its emphasis on female empowerment with a recent film that takes symbolism to a new level, turning an inherently masculine setting into a female-driven motif.

Miu Miu is cutting out the past, and male dominance along with it, as its female leads cut their hair to establish a new sense of self. The film turns a barbershop, an environment historically known for being a male hub, into a place of female reinvention (see story).