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Miu Miu looks to outside artist to broaden its Women’s Tales

August 7, 2017

Miu Miu broadens Women's Tales reach with Instagram. Image credit: Miu Miu


Prada-owned Miu Miu is expanding the multichannel reach of its creative film series with its latest “Women’s Tales” in a campaign that spans digital and physical realms.

“(The [End) of History Illusion]” will be the fourteenth film in Miu Miu’s series that puts a spotlight on various notable women. A new dedicated Instagram and a premiere at a film festival will extend the influence of the campaign.

Multichannel marketing
Since 2011, Miu Miu has been creating the Women’s Tales film series that focuses on various women in differing fields in artful and unique ways directed by women. The films span a variety of genres.

The @MiuMiuWomensTales Instagram account is dedicated to these past films as well as those to come. Miu Miu’s account will pay homage to the previous films with various artwork images that represent different aspects of each of the 13 films.

Eventually the page will focus on the upcoming vignettes, sharing artistic pieces that show the inspiration and creation of the film.

Photographer Kimi Selfridge will be behind the artwork posted to the Instagram page. She is known for her lo-fi photographs on Instagram and her work with rapper A$AP Rocky.

The next film as part of the Women’s Tales series will premiere Aug. 30 at the Venice Film Festival's Giornate degli Autori, coupled with a screening of "Carmen" by actress Chloë Sevigny.

(The [End) of History Illusion] follows the story of two twins who tap dance and a baker who doubles as a ballerina, choreographed by Celia Rowlson-Hall. The film takes place in an underground luxury home in Las Vegas.

A still from Miu Miu's latest Women's Tales film. Image credit: Miu Miu  

Miu Miu describes the film as “part 1930s Hollywood musical, part 1960s Cold War nightmare,” peppered with dark humor. Ms. Rowlson-Hall paints a picture of commercialism, fear and escapism.

Miu Miu Marketing
The brand has been continuing its narrative in support of women’s issues, with the thirteenth installment of its Women’s Tales film series directed by Ms. Sevigny that focused on comedy.

Stand-up comedienne Carmen Lynch took the stage in Miu Miu’s thirteenth Women’s Tales film written in partnership with herself and Ms. Sevigny. The eight-minute film takes a look at Ms. Lynch’s day on the road, which is paired with clips from her standup set (see more).

Miu Miu’s film before that put an emphasis on empowerment for young women and female support circles.

The twelfth installment of the fashion label’s Women’s Tales series centered on an all-girl skate crew who embrace a lonely novice. The film ushers in documentary director Crystal Moselle’s scripted debut and features real-life skate-crew The Skate Kitchen whose fashion in the video embodies a coolness factor (see more).