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Montblanc “raises the stakes” with historical series

May 18, 2021

Montblanc has been innovating the ballpoint and fountain pens since 1906. Image credit: Montblanc


German luxury goods maker Montblanc is exploring its own history and sharing a first glance at the Montblanc Haus opening in 2022 with a new series.

The first episode of the Montblanc Signed series, “Raising the Stakes,” tells the story of how the German pen maker was born. Launched in Hamburg in 1906 by German technician August Eberstein, Montblanc was originally founded as Simplo Filler Pen Company.

“This series is very complementary to the opening of the Montblanc Haus by tethering its founding story to the city,” said Donnie Pacheco, founder of Donnie P. Consulting, Seattle. “Hamburg is being called out as the birthplace of the pen and Montblanc.

“It makes perfect sense to launch these videos in advance of the opening in Hamburg.”

Signed and sealed
With the inaugural episode, Montblanc is expanding on its journey into its own history.

In February, the pen maker debuted a book, Inspire Writing, exploring the history of writing and literary culture, aiming to reach aspiring writers around the world. The coffee table book traces Montblanc’s legacy as the authority of luxury writing instruments since its founding in 1906.

The volume follows Montblanc’s history and includes blueprints of its luxury fountain pens, archival images and still photography.

In the book, author Alexander Fury writes about notable writers who have close ties to Montblanc, such as German-Swiss poet Hermann Hesse and current brand ambassador, filmmaker Spike Lee (see story).

Montblanc explores its own history with first episode of new “Signed” series

Moving towards a more visual interpretation of its past, Montblanc will be sharing details of its origins through short installments, ultimately leading up to the opening of Montblanc Haus in Hamburg in 2022.

The two-minute long vignette opens with a narrator prompting the audience to consider what it might be like to launch a startup company—coming up with an original idea, creating a strategy, finding investors.

In 1906, when Silicon Valley was merely a landscape, Hamburg, Germany was the place to be for technology innovators, the narrator explains.

In that year, Mr. Eberstein had just returned to Hamburg from the United States with the idea of creating a fountain pen with a disruptive new technology. He set out to find investors for the newly-established Simplo Filler Pen Co.

Salesman Alfred Nehemias became an early investor, followed by Claus Voss, Christian Lausen and Wilhelm Dziambor. Together, they decided the company’s first collection would be a bold red color named “Rouge et Noir.”

Since 2016, architects Enrique Sobejano and Fuensanta Nieto have been designing and developing the German brand’s newest project, Montblanc Haus.

Rendering of the new Montblanc Haus in Hamburg. Image credit: Nieto Sobejano

Designed to replicate the appearance of a Montblanc pen case, the new structure is expected to open to the public next year. Montblanc Haus will function as a museum, visitor center and exhibition space.

Ahead of its opening, Montblanc is celebrating its heritage through digital campaigns such as the “Signed” series.

Focus on the craft
In addition to celebrating its own origin story, Montblanc has been focused on highlighting craftsmanship, creativity and passion through various campaigns with notable figures.

In September, the luxury goods maker enlisted three unique and ambitious creatives for its “What Moves You, Makes You” campaign featuring the brand’s luxury pens, timepieces and leather goods. Director Spike Lee and actors Taron Egerton and Chen Kun appeared in the effort emphasizing storytelling and creativity (see story).

In continuation with the theme of storytelling and passion and to honor the release of its Summit Lite smartwatch, Montblanc explored the definition of success by offering a glimpse into the lives of a famous couple: German soccer player Andre Schürrle and entrepreneur Anna Schürrle (see story).

With its latest episodic campaign, Montblanc continues in its pursuit of thoughtful storytelling and craftsmanship.

“This type of storytelling is an updated way to convey the history of Montblanc,” Mr. Pacheco said. “I do not think many people know the history of the Haus or of fountain pens, in general, and this is an updated way of telling that story.

“What makes it unique is that they are comparing this innovation to what is currently happening and contrasting a historic inventor to today’s tech pioneers.”