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Moschino unites fashion and food in animated effort

May 10, 2017

Magnum x Moschino campaign image


Italian fashion label Moschino is daring consumers to embrace their wilder side in a collaboration with ice cream maker Magnum.

Tapping into a shared bold perspective, the partners are teaming up to market Magnum’s double-dipped ice cream bars with a high-fashion approach. Launching during the Cannes International Film Festival, the "Unleash Your Wild Side" campaign spans a short film and activations during the festival, giving both partners a platform to reach an affluent, entertainment industry audience.

"The Moschino brand and creative director Jeremy Scott are a perfect match for the 'Unleash Your Wild Side; Dare to go Double' campaign because Moschino is synonymous with daring fashion and gives its customers an outlet of bold expression allowing them to show off their personality and attitude on both the inside and outside," said Bruno Francisco, senior global marketing director at Magnum parent company Unilever.

Sweet tooth
Unilever-owned Magnum has a premium positioning, marketing Belgian-covered chocolate ice cream bars aimed more at adults than kids. Its advertising reflects this, building an attitude around the brand that conveys a sense of indulgence.

Now, the dessert maker is working with fellow rule breaker Moschino to give its treats the high-fashion treatment.

For their film, Moschino and Magnum turned to animator Uli Meyer, who was behind movies such as “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” and “Space Jam.” Mr. Meyer brought a number of Moschino "beasts" to life alongside model Cara Delevingne.

Designer Jeremy Scott with one of the "beasts"

At the start of the 45-second film, Ms. Delevingne emerges from a movie theater entrance. A marquee above her reads “Presenting Magnum x Moschino.”

The model opens an ice cream bar and takes a single bite out of it before continuing to walk down the street. As she struts, she encounters a number of animated characters along the way who enviously eye her ice cream.

A tiger sitting at an outdoor café table looks up from his magazine, his pupils replaced by the image of the ice cream bar. The model continues walking, and the animal tips his chair over, preventing him from following.

Next, a tiger wearing gold chains and a baseball hat gets up from his stoop to make an attempt on the model’s treat. He is thwarted when she hops into a cab and he walks head-first into the open car door.

Leaving the narrative open, Ms. Delevingne’s driver turns out to be a cat. This last feline is also susceptible to the Magnum bar’s charms, and he drives off while licking his lips.

Unleash your Wild Side with Magnum Double Ice Cream - Magnum x Moschino feat Cara Delevingne

The creatures who make a cameo in the film will also be part of a reveal during the Cannes Film Festival on May 18, and the partners will throw a bash that evening to further debut their collaboration.

"The Cannes International Film Festival has been our annual campaign home for the last four years and this is because Cannes is all about pleasure, fashion and film which is also the undeniable ethos of the Magnum brand," Mr. Francisco said.

Converging categories
This is not Magnum's first foray into fashion. During the 2011 Tribeca Film Festival, fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld debuted a series of films featuring the brand's ambassador Rachel Bilson (see story).

Moschino is unafraid of being bold, having created collections inspired by everything from teddy bears and paper dolls to prescription pills and garbage.

The brand has previously linked with players in other categories to communicate its perspective.

For instance, Barbie got another high-fashion moment courtesy of Italian fashion label Moschino.

Marking the brand’s third collaboration with Barbie maker Mattel, the dolls wear the same outfits sported by Moschino creative director Jeremy Scott and model Stella Maxwell at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards. Due to her fashionable positioning, Barbie has made frequent appearances in luxury designers' efforts, from sporting their clothing to acting as an influencer on social media (see story).

"The film was inspired by the bold and fierce 'Unleash Your Wild Side and Dare to go Double' attitude and that ultimate moment of pure indulgence and pleasure that comes from biting into a decadent Magnum Double," Mr. Francisco said. "Jeremy designed the beast illustrations specifically for this campaign."