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Oscar de la Renta springs new collection via Instagram before fall magazine showcase

July 25, 2013


U.S. label Oscar de la Renta is getting ahead of the competition by releasing its fall 2013 campaign on social-mobile platform Instagram instead of waiting to show it off in September magazines.

The brand used its Instagram account to release exclusive content July 24 for followers to view before seeing it in the fall fashion magazines. Giving supremacy to Instagram shows that the brand aims to be a pioneer on the social media front.

"A multichannel strategy such as this smartly incorporates the best elements of social media," said Kelly Cooper, marketing manager for ShopIgniter, Portland, OR.

"This will result in greater amplification of brand messages than one that does not," she said.

"Using Instagram to launch the fall 2013 campaign shows that Oscar de la Renta really gets the power of Instagram and social media, in general, to reach a broad and engaged audience."

Ms. Cooper is not affiliated with Oscar de la Renta, but agreed to comment as an industry expert.

Oscar de la Renta was unable to comment directly.

Hot off the digital press
Oscar de la Renta publicized its plans to exclusively release ads from the fall 2013 campaign via social media before fashion-heavy September magazines are released.

Showing fan appreciation through exclusive content may help create deeper connections with consumers.

Facebook announcement 

The brand used its Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr blog platform to spread the word of the approaching Instagram ads.

The sneak-peek announcement image, uploaded to Instagram July 23, has approximately 5,400 "likes."

Oscar de la Renta is using the hashtag #ODLRFall2013 to increase exposure of the Instagram debut.

Oscar de la Renta on Instagram

Followers on Instagram have exclusive access to the seven stills that make up the fall 2013 ad campaign. The sneak-peek image gives a close-up view.

Photographer Norman Jean Roy shot the ad campaign starring models Kate Bogucharskaia, Patricija Motiejunaite and Iris Van Berne.

A link at the end of each photo’s caption invites consumers to place their pre-sale orders via Oscar de la Renta’s ecommerce Web site.

Ad for Oscar de la Renta fall 2013

Apparel from this collection is priced at $890-$13,900.

The collection includes outerwear, ready-to-wear and evening-wear pieces. Three of the seven images focus on the shoes, handbags, jewelry and other accessories found in the fall 2013 collection.

The ad campaign is now visible on all Oscar de la Renta social media platforms.

Reward points
Brands that reward their dedicated fan base through limited-edition products, exclusive offers and experiences are likely to increase exposure while forming deeper connections with consumers.

For example, Italian fashion label Fendi is continuing promotions for its new flagship boutique in Paris with an exclusive handbag offering.

Fendi uses social media to advertise the opening of its flagship on Avenue Montaigne as well as the exclusive Peekaboo handbag. Releasing a limited-edition handbag at a single location creates an exclusive experience through an exclusive product (see story).

For instance, French glassmaker Lalique partnered with Swiss watchmaker Parmiagiani Fleurier to create a limited edition set of table clocks that cost up to $480,000.

The 15-Day Table Clocks are being promoted at exclusive events with both brands targeting select customers. In addition to offering an exclusive product, Lalique and Parmiagiani Fleurier solidified their high-end status in the luxury market by collaborating on this project (see story).

Oscar de la Renta's Instagram campaign launch may convince other marketers to launch products on Instagram in the future.

"Using Instagram to launch the fall 2013 campaign shows that Oscar de la Renta is truly embracing an integrated approach to luxury marketing," Ms. Cooper said.

"This type of initiative shows that they are evolving and innovating their approach to digital marketing and, in doing so, will be a player to watch for forward-thinking luxury campaigns," she said.

Final Take
Jen King, editorial assistant on Luxury Daily, New York