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OTB Group promotes ‘M.A.D.E.’ docuseries

May 9, 2024

Mr. Rosso gives a big-picture perspective on the role that OTB Group brands play in the Italian luxury fashion scene. Image credit: OTB Group Mr. Rosso gives his big-picture perspective on the role that OTB Group brands play in the Italian luxury fashion scene. Image credit: OTB Group


Italian luxury conglomerate OTB Group is sharing its passion for savior-faire.

"M.A.D.E. - Made in Italy, Made Perfectly" titles a docuseries produced by the parent company. Focusing on the local value chains that carry the global fashion industry, the project showcases the extent to which its houses value transparency and craft — all 15 episodes are now live online.

“With the M.A.D.E. docuseries, we wanted to shine a light on and acknowledge the artisans who are the protagonists of Italian beauty and craftsmanship,” said Renzo Rosso, group chair and founder of OTB Group, in a statement.

“This campaign pays tribute to the unique skills of the people behind the scenes of Made in Italy, and I hope it will encourage growing numbers of young people to enter professions that make Italy great in the world.”

Made in Italy
An acronym for manuality, artisanship, dedication and excellence, OTB Group is promoting “M.A.D.E." across its channels. Clips show figures speaking directly to the camera and sharing more about their workshop experiences.

Product and production manager Paola Albertin of Italy's Marta Carollo Knitwear Factory is interviewed in one episode. Her employer has manufactured high-quality materials for more than 60 years.

"For me, the goal has always been the most important, the result," Ms. Albertin says, in the video.

OTB Group casts its suppliers in the broadcasts

As connections between the CEO and value chain members (see story) prove increasingly vital to business health (see story), OTB Group's founder is not forgotten.

Mr. Rosso stars in the narrative's finale, relaying his visions for the future and beliefs about the crucial nature of preserving know-how to viewers.

Additionally, the OTB Group founder offers a big-picture look at the ways Italy has influenced the global design scene.

The final episode of the M.A.D.E. docuseries features OTB Group founder Renzo Rosso

“Eighty percent of the world's luxury goods are made in Italy, whose small producers and small artisans are the true artists who create the products we see on the catwalks and in stores all over the world,” said Mr. Rosso, in a statement.

“It is my firm belief that, in fashion, 50 percent of a product is the work of the creative director and the other 50 percent of the skilled artisans.”

Artisans front and center
The last "M.A.D.E." episode debuted on April 15, 2024, helping kick off the inaugural National Made in Italy Day.

Sponsored by the Ministry of Enterprise, the observance honors the nation's businesses, talent and traditions and aims to spark a generational interest in protecting heritage.

The programs will be held annually moving forward.

OTB M.A.D.E. - Made in Italy, Made Perfectly

National Made in Italy Day celebrations aside, the country's fashion workforce continues to drive domestic and economic development all year long.

Global campaigns (see story) and special demonstrations (see story) from homegrown brands are grounded in the collections these artisans make, calling attention to Italian culture.