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Photos from Luxury Firstlook 2018

January 22, 2018

Luxury Firstlook 2018: Exclusivity Redefined. All images by Danny Parisi


On Wednesday, Jan. 17, Luxury Daily held the sixth annual day-long Luxury FirstLook conference, titled Exclusivity Redefined for 2018.

Held at 10 on the Park at the Time Warner Center in New York, Luxury FirstLook was organized by Luxury Daily to bring together some of the luxury business' top minds to discuss what the year ahead holds. Topics ranged from wellness and privacy to bricks-and-mortar retail and ecommerce.

Here are some of the best photos from the event:

Luxury Daily editor in chief Mickey Alam Khan

Boston Consulting Group's Christine Barton

From left to right: Spark Ideas' Malinda Sanna, Madison Avenue BID's Matthew Baeur, BoomAger's Peter Hubbell and Mark A. Cohen of Columbia University Graduate School of Business 

Vice's Tammy Smulders

Attendees at Luxury FirstLook 2018: Exclusivity Redefined held at Time Warner Center

Luxury Portfolio's Paul Boomsma, Wolfgang Schaefer of Select World and Martin Shanker of Shanker Inc. 

Lisa Koenigsberg of Initiatives in Arts & Culture and Amber Treshnell of John Paul 

Team One's Joanna Young and Alaistar Green

Concept Bureau's Jasmine Bina, PMX Agency's Chris Paradysz, Donnie Pacheco of Clear Channel Consulting and Greg Licciardi of Elite Traveler 

Attendees during a break

All smiles during a break

Attendees shared their takeaways from the event

Attendees shared their takeaways from the event

Mickey Alam Khan and Milton Pedraza of Luxury Institute 

WSJ. Magazine's Anthony Cenname, Nancy Berger of Marie Claire, David Arnold of Robb Report and Michael Dickey of Modern Luxury 

Forrester Research's James McQuivey

Stephan Schambach of NewStore, Bob Shullman of Shullman Research Center, Mitchell Stores' Jack Mitchell and Inii Kim of King & Partners 

Euromonitor's Fflur Roberts

Larry Warsh of Jing Daily, Renee Hartmann of China Luxury Advisors and Bomoda's Brian Buchwald

Michael Becker, managing partner of Identity Praxis and emcee of Luxury FirstLook 2018: Exclusivity Redefined