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Porsche spotlights dreamers in inspirational global campaign

August 6, 2021

Grammy Award-winning artist St. Vincent shares how she has achieved her dreams. Image credit: Porsche


German automaker Porsche is exploring the topic of dreams through inspiring and educational stories of the past and present.

With its new campaign, “Dreamers On,” the automaker is aiming to support consumers around the world in achieving their dreams, while anchoring its brand purpose, which is poetically “driven by dreams.” In its first media partnership with Vogue and Wired magazines, Porsche has also introduced “The Art of Drive,” an interactive online mentoring program with notable personalities who discuss how they strive to fulfill their dreams and inspire other people to do the same through short films, articles, interviews and digital events.

Driven by dreams
Unlike most marketing strategies, Porsche has chosen not to stage any products within the “Dreamers On” campaign imagery, focusing entirely on its brand purpose.

Porsche’s message focuses on an aspect that has been the hallmark of the brand, derived from its founder Ferry Porsche, who could not find the car he dreamed of, so he built it himself. To this day, the brand uses this anecdote to fuel its mission.

Porsche shared the story of its founder to kickoff the campaign

“This value fits in with our history, is tangible and is at the same time very inspiring for everyone,” said Oliver Hoffman, head of marketing communications at Porsche, in a statement. “We are showing that we actively support our target groups in achieving their dreams.”

The campaign includes stories of various personalities, from racecar drivers to golfers and musicians, who achieved their dreams or are still working toward new goals.

For the initial phase of the long-term campaign, global and local “Dreamer Stories” are being published on the brand’s digital and social media channels.

On Instagram, the only story that has been featured so far is that of eight-time Grand Prix-winning racecar driver Jacques “Jacky” Ickx. As a young man, Mr. Ickx dreamt of quieter, more contemplative activities, but quickly discovered his passion for speed and technical skill.


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On the brand’s digital site, additional stories of punk-rock fanatic Julien Roure, racecar driver Simona de Silvestro, golfer Paul Casey and rally driver René Metge are available. They have not yet been published to Porsche’s social channels.

Last week, Porsche kicked off an interactive online mentoring program as part of the overall campaign, titled “The Art of Drive.”

As the program rolls out, well-known personalities will talk about how they fulfilled their dream and inspired other people in short films, articles, interviews and digital events.

The common theme will be the obstacles that they had to overcome on their way to their goals and the courage needed to repeatedly break new ground. “The Art of Drive” intends to serve as an insight into the work, mindset and drive of forward-thinking dreamers in tech, music, fashion and more.

The personalities act as mentors and are intended to provide users with inspiration on how to achieve even the most ambitious projects.

For the program, Porsche began with internationally renowned Grammy Award-winning American musician Annie Clark, better known by her stage name St. Vincent. In a short film, directed by Nina Meredith, she shares that her secret is her distinctive drive, always dedicating her focus to her next work and doing all she can to make it the best thing she has ever done.

Ms. Clark is constantly striving to create work that defines and redefines the cultural landscape, and hopes her experience will inspire the next generation of dreamers.

The campaign draws inspiration from a quote by company founder Ferry Porsche, who decided to build his own dream car. Image credit: Porsche

In the fall, Porsche plans to launch the Global Gallery, which will focus on young artists and offer them a platform to make their art accessible to a broad target group.

A second module of “The Art of Drive” will be unveiled later this year, and further activities are currently being developed for 2022 and beyond.

Art and fast cars
More luxury automakers have recently invested in programs to help elevate filmmakers’ artistry and creativity around the world.

British automaker Jaguar has partnered with the British Film Institute (BFI) and independent film network Everyman on a new initiative celebrating women in the arts.

The multi-partner collaboration officially launched with the gala screening of Billie Piper’s Rare Beasts at Everyman’s London Broadgate theater. Special guests Emilia Clarke, Jenna Coleman, Immy Waterhouse and others took to the red carpet on May 21, 2021 to support the film’s release.

Furthering its mission to nurture creativity and honor women in the film industry, Jaguar has been excited to collaborate on the project and celebrate the characters and feminist narrative of Rare Beasts (see story).

Korean automaker Genesis partnered with CNN International on a program supporting emerging filmmakers and visual storytelling, introducing CNN Film School, an editorial global cross-platform initiative.

Content will be published throughout the year, with directors, journalists, technicians and others sharing their insights into visual storytelling. Different “chapters” will discuss aspects of storytelling such as character, conflict and cinematography.

As part of the program, four university students from the United States and South Korea will be selected to participate in a student fellowship program. Each participant will receive a $15,000 grant, as well as professional mentorship and oversight from CNN, to create their own short documentaries (see story).