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Rebecca Minkoff gains 68.5K social media fans with Fashion Week efforts

September 21, 2012


U.S. fashion label Rebecca Minkoff grew its social media following by 68,500 combined fans across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+ Sept. 4-9 that the brand is translating into ecommerce and in-store sales.

Rebecca Minkoff plans on leveraging its new social media fans through close monitoring to discover customer preferences and expectations. Likewise, it is hoping to transfer these expectations into online and in-store transactions through limited-edition product offers.

“For the spring/summer 2013 show held a couple of weeks ago, we took a multi-pronged, multi-platform approach to social media,” said Rahim Amlani, digital advisor for Rebecca Minkoff, New York.

“We worked with a much larger and more diverse group of partners to extend our reach well past that of previous seasons,” he said. “We worked directly with Twitter to run a promoted campaign, we expanded the number of bloggers and content partners in an attempt to reach new fans of the brand, we participated in emerging platforms like Google+ in partnership with Lyst and worked once again with Spotify.

“Our partners delivered growth that went well beyond even our expectations for the initiative.”

Social butterfly
In the week leading up to Fashion Week, Rebecca Minkoff’s Facebook following grew 1,500 followers from 86,000 to 87,500.

Also, Twitter grew from 64,000 to 97,000 and Instagram fans increased 72,000 to 85,000.

Rebecca Minkoff also took this opportunity to launch its Google+ page. In just that week, 21,000 fans “+1’ed” the page.

The bolstered social media activity included a live stream of the show, social videos, hangouts on Google+ and backstage coverage.

Google+ hangout

“We wanted to build on the success Rebecca Minkoff saw prior to the show,” Mr. Amlani said.

The brand also saw large growth in its email database. It  released two viral videos which had roughly 165,000 and 50,000 views to date.

For one of them, Ms. Minkoff used Facebook to promote its Fashion Week video using blogger Leandra Medine, model Hilary Rhoda and photographer Billy Farrell.

Fashion Week Boot Camp

The three fashionistas starred in a film called “Fashion Week Boot Camp” that mimicked athletes training for a competition. Fake exercises such as “Can you tweet fast enough?” and “Posing 101″ helped add to the video’s quirkiness (see story).

Rebecca Minkoff also saw participation and success with the Twitter and Instagram giveaways for the runway show.

The brand plans on leveraging these new followers to grow more in-store and ecommerce transactions. It has already seen some success.

There are often direct correlations between products being discussed on social media channels and exclusive sales.

For example, the brand launched “Pic of the Week” where it offers exclusive, limited-edition products for sale available only through Instagram.

Rebecca Minkoff weekly pic

In most instances, these products sell out within a few minutes, according to Mr. Amlani.

However, Pic of the Week was not launched just for Fashion Week.

“The next step is to build trust, credibility and a relationship with the newest members of the Rebecca Minkoff community,” Mr. Amlani said. “We monitor both the engagements and the performance metrics closely to understand how to deliver on the expectations of our audience.

“That will, in turn, help Rebecca Minkoff continue to grow and expand,” he said.

Rebecca Minkoff has used social media to its advantage in numerous other campaigns.

Since Rebecca Minkoff is a young luxury brand, it is able to use a larger breadth of social media in new and innovative ways.

“Social media allows Rebecca and the brand to have a direct, personal and two-way relationship with their audience,” Mr. Amlani said. “That direct and personal relationship goes back to the roots of the brand.”

“We monitor the likes, shares and the comments themselves on all of our social channels as well as the performance metrics to understand our followers expectations and our effectiveness at delivering on those expectations,” he said.

Younger luxury brands have more freedom on social media channels since they are building their brands in ways that are more accepted today.

For example, the brand noted that it had seen 100 percent  growth in its shoe sales due largely to its participation in Instagram.

Rebecca Minkoff shoetography

Using Instagram and “shoetography” to connect with consumers, Rebecca Minkoff was able to form a dialogue with consumers in real-time. In doing so, the label was able to steer consumers to different retail partners or the brand Web site to drive sales (see story).

“When a designer or a brand engages with social media, you never know what to expect,” Mr. Amlani said. “It is about really listening to your audience.

“We found that Rebecca Minkoff had very high loyalty scores and we are optimistic that these new followers will help us to further grow the reach of the brand," he said.

Final Take

Rachel Lamb, associate reporter on Luxury Daily, New York