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Rémy Martin kicks off Hispanic Heritage Month with new initiative

September 7, 2023

The concept of sobremesa is fully embraced in the campaign, also taking on the idea of the last call at the restaurant or bar as just the beginning of the evening due to the lively conversation. Image courtesy of Rémy Martin The new campaign's core tenant rests upon the custom of sharing a free-flowing conversation after a meal. Image courtesy of Rémy Martin


French Cognac brand Rémy Martin is calling attention to community and culture by way of a strategic marketing endeavor.

“Que Viva Rémy Sobremesa” amplifies Hispanic Heritage Month, a U.S. holiday that runs from Sept. 15 to Oct. 15, by platforming a key tradition for many populations throughout the world for a wider audience. The new campaign's core tenant rests upon the custom of sharing a free-flowing conversation after a meal, usually with cocktails in the mix, Rémy Martin upholding this convention by additionally hosting a multitude of events this month.

“'Que Viva Rémy Sobremesa' reinforces Rémy Martin’s DNA where they celebrate ‘we come together to create excellence,’” said Chris Ramey, president of Affluent Insights, Palm Beach.

“By celebrating the Hispanic diaspora, Rémy Martin’s is reinforcing their ethos to pass down traditional techniques through the ages,” Mr. Ramey said. “Leveraging heritage is classic luxury marketing.”

Mr. Ramey is not affiliated with Rémy Martin, but agreed to comment as an industry expert.

First call
Rémy Martin is fully embracing the term “sobremesa,” a Spanish practice that involves relaxing at the table after a meal, spotlighting the lively conversations that keep the night going past its forced conclusion.

Adding an element of authenticity to the new marketing effort, Rémy Martin partnered with award-winning and renowned food stars, all hailing from the very culture that the Cognac brand hones in on.

The effort sees Mexican chef Carlos Gaytán, Dominican-American chef Paola Velez and Cuban mixologist Josué Gonzaléz each contributing recipes for dishes and cocktails that line up with the concept’s ideals.

Food and drink are at the center of “Que Viva Rémy Sobremesa.” Image credit: Rémy Martin Food and drink are at the center of the “Que Viva Rémy Sobremesa” campaign. Image credit: Rémy Martin

“By including connoisseurs from food and wine, Rémy Martin is further defining itself as best in category,” Mr. Ramey said.

“[Alcohol brand executives] understand that getting the best prospects to taste your product is a prime driver for selling the product,” he said. “In this case, ‘Que Viva Rémy Sobremesa,’ controls the variables to ensure a positive outcome.”

Partnering with established and respected names in the Hispanic community while honoring the population’s heritage could further ingratiate the brand with an important customer base, potentially drawing in new consumers in the process.

Mr. Gonzaléz handles the cocktail portion of the campaign. Image courtesy of Rémy Martin American mixologist Josué Gonzaléz handles a cocktail for the campaign. Image courtesy of Rémy Martin

“Rémy Martin's passion for excellence, family values and traditions offer a moment for us all to partake in Sobremesa and we are thrilled to be teaming up with a variety of notable personalities to kick off the celebration this Hispanic Heritage Month,” said Tina Reejsinghani, vice president of luxury brands at Rémy Cointreau Americas, in a statement.

“Enjoying classic recipes and sparking conversations around the table is at the heart of Hispanic heritage and Rémy Martin is excited to lead in the festivities of the time-honored tradition.”

Giving back
As part of the campaign, Rémy Martin has joined forces with the Hispanic Restaurant Association (HRA), which raises up the next generation of chefs, restaurant workers and entrepreneurs in the Hispanic community.

In order to prop up its partner, the Cognac master will host two “Sobremesa Social Club” events, taking up residence in New York City and Miami throughout the month of September.

Though Rémy Martin is no stranger to aligning itself with cultural celebrations — similarly playing into traditions and heritage, the spirits company recently sponsored a gala honoring the 50-year anniversary of hip-hop (see story) — this time around, the brand's blueprint involves members of the public, with plans to “invite cocktail and culinary aficionados” to both happenings.

Mr. Gaytán created recipes consumers can make at home as part of the campaign. Image courtesy of Rémy Martin Mexican chef Carlos Gaytán, seen here in an alternate campaign asset, has created a number of recipes that consumers can make at home for the effort. Image courtesy of Rémy Martin

Gatherings will feature live entertainment and food and beverage menus by Mr. Gaytán, Mrs. Velez and Mr. Gonzaléz, the gastronomic minds themselves making appearances during the parties. Mexican chef Fernando Stovell, a global ambassador for the HRA organization, is also included in the effort.

“At the Hispanic Restaurant Association, our vision is focused on fostering education and uplifting the Hispanic community across generations,” said John Jaramillo, cofounder and CEO of the Hispanic Restaurant Association, in a statement.

“As we work to elevate the culinary artistry within the Hispanic community, our partnership with Rémy Martin will play an integral part in extending our mission and vision across the country, allowing us to continue fostering a richer culinary perspective and build lasting bridges within the community.”

Tickets for the two Sobremesa Social Club activations are available online. Rémy Martin is merely the latest maison to support underrepresented communities.

Last month, LVMH-owned beauty retailer Sephora backed BIPOC women working in music (see story), entering an entirely new arena to uplift creatives.