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News briefs

Russian consumers, Diane von Furstenberg and Burberry – News briefs

September 17, 2012


Today in luxury marketing:

Russia hankers for luxury cars
Fueled by an economy based on Russia’s abundant natural resources, the number of households able to afford luxury goods is set to rise to 13 million by 2025 from 7 million in 2010. Such forecasts are prompting high-end carmakers to expand their presence in the country, according to Businessweek.

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Diane von Furstenberg talks DVF at 92Y
With a fabled career that has soared and occasionally dipped for more than 41 years, it was easy to see how even Diane von Furstenberg could tire of talking about herself, WWD reports.

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Burberry lags luxury peers as buyers will not pay for plaid
Britain's largest luxury house won customers in the first half of the last decade by plastering its camel, red and black check on everything from baseball caps to dog collars. Now, as Burberry attempts to move upmarket with products such as $195 t-shirts, $1,795 floral print dresses and $6,000 alligator clutches, it is failing to excite the biggest spenders, per Bloomberg.

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Stock markets rise on U.S. stimulus
European share markets have jumped after the U.S. Federal Reserve moved to kick-start recovery by pumping more money into the economy. In Britain, Germany and France, stock markets opened about 1.5 percent up, following rises on Wall Street and in Asia, said San Francisco Luxury News.

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