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Ferragamo entices consumers with interactive fashion mystery

March 31, 2021

The online puzzles are inspired by the spring/summer 2021 campaign. Image credit: Salvatore Ferragamo


Italian fashion label Salvatore Ferragamo is leading shoppers to exclusive pieces from the spring/summer 2021 collection through an online puzzle.

Through The Metropolitan Enigma, the brand invites its customers to digitally explore the streets of Milan, where the spring/summer 2021 fashion film was shot by Italian director Luca Guadagnino in collaboration with Ferragamo creative director Paul Andrew (see story). By solving memory games and word and picture searches, customers can uncover the collection.

Searching for Salvatore
Upon entering the site, the player is presented with three different maps. The only one that is unlocked is the blue map named after Parco dell’idroscalo in Milan.

After clicking the map, a new page reads, “To solve any mystery, it is fundamental to know what you’re looking for. It is wise to gather hints and find out.” There is a “start solving” hyperlink below the statement that takes the user to a game.

The first puzzle is a memory matching game, where the user must match different Salvatore Ferragamo products with their exact pair. In order to do so, however, the user must remember where the products are located within the grid.

Once the user has successfully completed the first puzzle, they are taken back to the home page with the three maps. The “Parco dell’idroscalo” map is crossed out.

The user may now enter the next unlocked map, named “Galleria Strasburg.”

The landing page for the second puzzle suggests, “A good detective should be capable of connecting the dots. When investigating, one plus one doesn’t always equal two.”

This puzzle tests the user’s ability to move pieces around a board and appropriately connect two Gianci buckles. After connecting these pieces in two separate scenarios, the page directs the user back to where the second map is now crossed off.

The third puzzle, within the “Via Chiossetto” map on the home page, includes a word search. Users are asked to find life, enigma, beauty and technicolor within a grid of jumbled letters.

The “Via Chiossetto” word search. Image credit: Salvatore Ferragamo

Once completed, the page prompts the user to “solve one last enigma.” A link takes the user to a new webpage, where they are prompted to provide an email address to discover new surprises and advance the investigation on to the final round.

Once an email address is submitted, the user then solves the final enigma: an image search. Users are asked to locate three Salvatore Ferragamo products in a black-and-white illustration.

Finally, an email from Salvatore Ferragamo arrives to the user’s inbox, offering exclusive content from the spring/summer collection. Those who successfully complete the investigation also receive a personalized Instagram filter, as well as an image to share on social media showing off their “detective skills.”

Shoppers may also go to any Salvatore Ferragamo boutique with the email from the brand, where store associates will be “waiting for them.”

Luxury gamification
Whether in an effort to keep up with trends, or to meet the dynamic demands of young consumers, brands have been tapping into physical and digital gamification to create unique opportunities for engagement.

Italian fashion label Valentino looked to woo a younger audience with a new version of a card game. Joining forces with Koreen Odiney, founder of “We’re Not Really Strangers,” the Italian brand unveiled a 25-card game featuring questions that pertain to empathy, individuality and positivity.

The cards feature the brand's signature V logo and the full deck is available for online play on Valentino’s site (see story).

Streamline Media Group is highlighting its contribution to French fashion label Balenciaga’s interactive game, bridging the worlds of gaming and fashion. Streamline worked directly with collaborators from Balenciaga to craft the game’s concept, cinematics, audio and streaming elements.

The result is an interactive fashion-gaming experience, which Vogue referred to as a “quantum leap for the fashion industry.” The video game was launched in December 2020, and although is not currently available for play, can be experienced through a seven-minute video offering a walkthrough of the fashion label’s video game (see story).