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Selfridges leverages Positive Luxury’s Butterfly Mark to up transparency

May 24, 2017

Promotional image for Selfridges' shoppable app


British department store Selfridges is furthering its commitment to sustainability by including Positive Luxury’s Trust Button.

Industry and brand transparency is valued, but in many cases the consumer, especially one not familiar with the inner workings and practices of a particular brand, may be unaware if products meet a wanted standard of sustainability. London-based Positive Luxury and its interactive Trust Button use technology to keep consumers informed of luxury brands’ commitments to quality, design, craftsmanship, service and sustainability.

On the wings of awareness
Positive Luxury uses a butterfly symbol to alert consumers of its Trust Button on brand and retailer’s online platforms.

The Butterfly Mark was inspired by the Large Blue butterfly species that was nearly driven to extinction in the 1970s, but was successfully reintroduced in the U.K. For Positive Luxury, the symbolism reflects how the human race has the collective power to make changes to positively impact the world (see story).

Positive Luxury’s most recent partnership for its Trust Button is with Selfridges. The British department store chain will now display the Butterfly Mark on its Web site and mobile application to highlight brands that can be trusted.

Image courtesy of Selfridges 

By tapping the Butterfly Mark, consumers are shown the positive actions associated with the brand they are considering buying from. By improving transparency and closing the trust gap, consumers can be more confident in their purchase decisions.

“Positive Luxury is delighted to be partnering with Selfridges and bringing the Butterfly Mark to a new wave of consumers that care,” said Diana Verde Nieto, CEO and co-founder of Positive Luxury, in statement.

“We admire the efforts that Selfridges has already taken to communicate sustainability to their customers, and are excited to be part of this ongoing journey to helping people buy better,” she said.

Selfridges’ partnership with Positive Luxury is part of its “Buying Better, Inspiring Change” campaign.