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Sephora shares advocacy assets for International Week of Deaf People

September 28, 2022

A new campaign from the beauty retailer follows Afro-Latina deaf influencer and ESL educator Bridget. Image credit: Sephora


LVMH-owned beauty retailer Sephora is honoring each human's right to belonging ​in a new campaign film coinciding with the International Week of Deaf People observance.

The spot, grounded in empowerment, features messaging around disability awareness and includes racial diversity. In it, Afro-Latina deaf influencer and ESL educator Bridget, the mastermind behind the popular Instagram account Deaf Family Matters, shares her story of belonging.

“This campaign takes the opportunity to communicate that people with disabilities, including those who are deaf, still have a voice and deserve to be heard,” said Marie Driscoll, managing director of luxury and retail at Coresight Research.

“The video does this with style, a non-preachy attitude and in way that’s very relatable,” she said. “It’s compelling to hear Bridget expand on her own disability and let her audience know that she hasn’t let it slow her down.”

“Woven into the message of inclusiveness is how much at home she feels at Sephora, and she goes into how empowering beauty is, and how, by focusing on empowerment and inclusivity, disabilities are diminished.”

Beauty in belonging
The short film, entitled “Bridget’s Story of Belonging,” premiered on Sept. 25 during the International Week of the Deaf.

A corresponding Instagram post that highlights Bridget’s story on Instagram has been met with positive fanfare and over 3300 likes and comments.


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ESL educator and mother Bridget shopping at Sephora

The spot begins with an attention-grabbing one-liner: “I am not a monster.”

After rejecting the harsh stigma of deafness being an undesirable trait, Bridget moves on to talk about the innate worth of all people with a sense of equanimity and grace.

“All of us have value by sheer virtue that we are human beings,” she signs, as a voiceover relays.

Bridget has a unique background: born and raised in Chicago, she is a proud mother to three KODAs.

Viewers learn that children of disabled adults are referred to as KODAs within the ASL community. The term translates to “child of deaf adults.”

The film’s protagonist is a business owner and a strong advocate for the increased accessibility of ASL in general society, the news and social media.


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A collection of beauty and self-care products from beauty retailer Sephora

Bridget defines beauty as inspiring to others, and perceives the definition of self-care to count as the maintenance of both her inner and outer beauty.

“Really just caring for my skin and taking care of my hair is just as important as taking care of my heart and my body,” Bridget says in the film.

The film then transitions to Bridget joyously shopping in a Sephora, handing an employee a list of her desired beauty searches. Viewers witness Bridget smiling, testing perfumes and ultimately leaving with a bag of goodies in the shop's signature black and white striped carrying bag.

“I want the world to do better by us and make it more accessible for us,” Bridget shares.

“Not just myself,” she continues. “Don’t walk away if you see deaf people, we’re human just like you are.”

The film ends with Bridget hyping herself up with a smile. As she empowers herself every day with pep talks and positive affirmations, her character is defined by her sense of resilience versus her natural disability, a message strong in its sentiment and show of inclusivity, all shared by Sephora.

Beauty with a business plan
LVMH-owned beauty retailer Sephora is not merely making moves in the world of disability awareness and attempting to increase the visibility of the ASL community. The beauty giant is also launching new features that outpace its rivals.

Today, the retailer debuted a new program to grant unlimited same-day delivery to customers who belong to the Sephora Beauty Insider loyalty program (see story).

This comes during a time of expansion, as Sephora plans to broaden its reach throughout all Kohl’s department store locations (see story) and reworks its executive talent to focus on global growth (see story).

“Anyone who loves beauty products and knows the power of beauty to change one’s mood, improve self-esteem and get to the next level of self-realization,” said Ms. Driscoll.

“This is a long campaign and speaks to Sephora’s desire to tell stories, connect with all consumers and take on inclusivity in a real way,” she said.

“That they chose a deaf person to share their commitment to inclusivity is a beautiful thing.”