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Should luxury retail move away from discounting?

January 11, 2017

Shoppers under 40 are most likely to up their spending this holiday season Affluent shoppers are not above seeking discounts


Discounting is on the rise in the luxury sector, as retailers strive to make up for slowed spending by cutting prices.

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1 thought on “Should luxury retail move away from discounting?”

  1. Discounting is a joke… But the luxury industry has become trendy and fashionable so it produces too many seasonal items and is working on artificial/inflated margins… Time for reality check.
    We never ever ever discount as our products are manufactured with best materials and skills available, final products are as traceable, sustainable and durable as we can. So our products are not seasonal, they sell when they sell, period.
    Disposable products and products with built-in obsolescence (hello Apple!!??) are truly a shame!!!
    Time for everybody to work towards sustainable design so that customers think twice before purchasing and then cherish their items throughout the product lifecycle. Eventually they can re-sell it, re-use it, recycle it etc.
    Everybody should read the “Cradle to Cradle” book, it is a mind opener.