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Swarovski speaks to independent Chinese women in Valentine’s Day effort

February 17, 2017

Swarovski's "Unique Valentine's Day" campaign Swarovski's "Unique Valentine's Day" campaign


Precision-cut crystal maker Swarovski is celebrating both romantic and platonic love in an interactive WeChat campaign.

Swarovski’s pick your own adventure-style effort allows consumers to choose a story that most closely reflects their personal plans, whether spending Valentine’s Day as part of a couple or single. While Valentine’s Day markets heavily to those who are sharing it with a significant other, including this nod to independence may help the brand’s messaging resonate with a larger audience.

Valentine's Day your way
Valentine’s Day is increasingly celebrated in China, where the holiday was not traditionally marked.

Working with agency Digital Luxury Group China, the brand looked to translate its “Daring and Irresistible” mantra for a local audience. The result is Swarovski’s “Unique Valentine’s Day,” which opts for storytelling over an overt commercial message.

The campaign centers on video content featuring actress Maggie Jiang. Playing off her celebrity, the films show Ms. Jiang as her single self and as her character Jiang Lai from the television show “To Be A Good Man,” who is in a relationship.

Swarovski’s WeChat H5 interactive experience opens on a group chat between Maggie, Jiang and Cupid as they discuss their plans for Valentine’s Day. From there, consumers are sent a video message, which asks them to pick whether they are single or in a relationship.

Swarovski Unique Valentine's Day WeChat

Swarovski's WeChat experience for Valentine's Day

After they have chosen, the consumer is guided through content that reflects their own Valentine’s Day plans, following Maggie’s or Jiang’s prep for the holiday.

Jiang is planning to propose to her boyfriend on Valentine’s Day, reflecting the brand’s daring spirit as well as the move away from tradition and towards more independent mindsets for Chinese women.

Maggie, on the other hand, is hosting a slumber party with friends, and gives consumers the chance to help her pick her outfit.

Giving the effort a greater number of eyes, Swarovski produced it in partnership with Grazia China. It also hung scannable posters in its Chinese boutiques and ran WeChat Moment ads.

The brand also used Weibo to drive traffic to its WeChat campaign.

Swarovski’s ongoing effort has already succeeded in recruiting new followers for the brand’s social channels.

As Valentine’s Day approached, luxury brands celebrated love in all forms through marketing efforts that reflect the diversity of consumers’ experiences.

While depictions of traditional romantic relationships abounded, brands also encouraged individuals to celebrate their affection for friends, family members and themselves. Taking Valentine's Day beyond significant others may prompt consumers to show their love in more ways (see story).