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Tag Heuer generates holiday excitement with workshop vignette

November 17, 2021

Tag Heuer is getting ready for the holiday season. Image credit: Tag Heuer


Swiss watchmaker Tag Heuer is creating its own holiday workshop world in a wintry, animated campaign that gives a whimsical nod to its heritage.

In a new cartoon short film, workers unveil, test and diligently prepare a myriad of Tag Heuer products for release. The entertaining vignette garners excitement, channeling and fostering the child-like anticipation that is associated with the holidays and receiving the ultimate present.

"This campaign is cute and aligned with Tag Heuer ethos," said CaseyGolden, founder/CEO of Luxlock, New York. "I expect it will perform [well] due to the current market."

A world of watches
The vignette opens with a shot of the Tag Heuer workshop, situated in the middle of snowy mountains, illuminated and ready to produce some gifts. The day begins, the workshop’s interior lights are turned on and several watch experts get to work.

Workers prepare more than 10 models, including the Tag Heuer Carrera Porsche and the Tag Heuer Connected Golf Edition.

The Tag Heuer holiday workshop

Excited cartoon employees begin testing the watches, making sure timing specifications and smartwatch capabilities work correctly before the timepieces are shipped.

When going through a Tag Heuer Connected’s disparate capabilities, one worker puts on “Jingle Bells” and everyone begins joyfully dancing, further establishing the jubilant anticipation inherent with the holiday season.

A group dances atop a Tag Heuer watch face as other employees test another timepiece’s water resistance in an entertaining manner, involving a surfboard.

The specific brand of holiday excitement continues to build through the video, culminating in the entire workshop preparing to box and ship out each timepiece.

Some members of the animated cast have a striking resemblance to Tag Heuer ambassadors and friends of the brand, including the late actor and racer Steve McQueen. Other cartoons resemble tennis champion Naomi Osaka and surfer Kai Lenny.

Employees assemble to place elegant red bows and carry the boxed watches out on their own backs outside of the factory onto the backs of several disparate race cars. The disparate vehicles then race into the distance with their offerings, a fun nod to the brand's roots in motorsports.

The entire vignette is a celebration of the unique and immense excitement that permeates brands’ and consumers’ minds and hearts during the holiday season, garnering continued anticipation and assistance in helping shoppers find the right gifts that could make the season even more special.

A multi-faceted year
The Swiss watchmaker has had an immensely interesting year in terms of tapping disparate ambassadors and forming different partnerships to reach new consumers.

In July, with another effort that may have garnered some child-like excitement, Tag Heuer partnered with gaming tycoon Nintendo for a limited-edition smartwatch featuring Nintendo’s most famous character, Mario.

Marking the beginning of a long-term collaboration between the two brands, the Super Mario smartwatch is a unique combination of a chronograph-inspired timepiece crafted in the Swiss watchmaking tradition, with a custom-designed digital experience geared towards performance (see story).

Last month, Tag Heuer welcomed Canadian actor and Academy Award-nominee Ryan Gosling to its star-studded ambassador lineup.

It is the first brand ambassador deal for the versatile actor, known for his work in films including La La Land, Drive, Blue Valentine and The Notebook. Mr. Gosling collaborated with acclaimed photographer Pari Dukovic for his first Tag Heuer campaign, featuring the Carrera Three Hands timepiece (see story).

With its new vignette, highlighting its wide range of offerings in an entertaining fashion, Tag Heuer continues to appeal to the masses.

"This campaign, like most everything LVMH does, reinforces the purpose of classic luxury marketing to build brand desire," said Chris Ramey, CEO of Affluent Insights, Palm Beach.