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Home furnishings

Versace opens its home, showcases new décor collection

April 22, 2021

Versace Home living area. Image credit: Versace


Italian fashion house Versace is inviting guests to take a look inside its home and get a glimpse of its glamorous world filled with art, fashion and furniture.

As consumers look to invest in home décor, the luxury home furnishings segment is seeing significant growth. The new Versace Home collection aims to reflect the brand’s bold attitude while translating its classic Greca and Medusa patterns into luxurious interior design.

“Versace’s aesthetic can translate to any category,” said Chris Ramey, CEO of Home Trust International, Palm Beach, Florida. “Luxury brands are born with a narrative that, if told appropriately, can travel seamlessly across most categories and certainly into home furnishings.”

Versace Home
The latest creative to promote the collection follows an eccentric group of Versace-clad models through their luxurious lives living in a Versace home.

“I wanted to work with the best in class for the new collection of Versace Home," said Donatella Versace, artistic director at Versace, in a statement. "Roberto and Ludovica’s expertise in modern design gave me the confidence that I needed and assured me that the new pieces they were about to create would be respectful of Versace’s long history and, at the same time, evolve into their new skin by adding their incredible knowledge of modern design.

“The result is striking, and I am very proud to have partnered with them.”

Directed by Partel Olivia, the 90-second film opens on a living room space decorated with pieces from the brand’s new home collection. A young man wearing a Versace robe works out in the foreground, while a woman decorates a bust sculpture with gold leaf paper in the background.

Two other women work on their own sculptures, shaping and detailing the mold.

Inside Versace Home

The young man from the start of the video is now wearing a virtual reality headset, and the film cuts to his point of view. Through the headset, he looks around a different Versace-designed interior space.

Ultimately, all four individuals end up in the same room together and the woman with the gold leaf sits on a couch speaking while the other three listen intently.

“Life is a movie,” a voiceover says. “A movie about gold.”

Versace’s heritage plays a part in nearly every aspect of the new home collection. Its signature motifs, such as the Medusa, Greca and Barocco are seen as decorations on new home pieces, from table- and glassware to exercise equipment and bedding.

“The video emphasizes bold Versace design by juxtaposing it against the models’ whimsy behaviors,” Mr. Ramey said. “Versace markets at the highest intellectual level where the aesthetic is the hero and keeper of lifestyle.”

On April 15, in collaboration with Iterni Spa, Versace opened the doors of a new flagship boutique in the heart of Milan’s design district featuring its home furnishings line.

The nearly 5,400 square foot store store was designed by Milan’s Vudafieri Saverino Partners. Structured like a real home, it showcases Versace’s latest furniture designs, which were created with partner Lifestyle Design.

Side table from the collection with Versace detailing. Image credit: Versace

Inside, visitors can find an entrance hall, dining room, long hallways, a bedroom and a sitting room — all furnished with bold pieces that reinterpret the Versace codes, such as bookcases with colorful prints and streamlined leather sofas with gold accents (see story).

Living luxury
Since the COVID-19 pandemic forced most people inside for an extended period of time, many affluents began shifting their investments away from experiential opportunities and towards home improvement. Now, the boom in luxury home furnishings, especially through ecommerce, is expected to continue throughout 2021.

The market for online luxury home decor is roaring as companies wage focused campaigns to attract buyers who are eager to furnish their houses with upscale items bought online.

Thanks partly to COVID-19, the market for online home decor, which reached $98.4 billion in 2020, is likely to balloon to $348.3 billion by 2027, according to forecasts released last year in the Online Home Decor: Global Market Trajectory & Analytics report (see story).

In November 2020, online retailer Net-A-Porter unveiled a lifestyle hub on its platform as it looks to capitalize on consumers’ desire to nest amid the lingering pandemic.

Ceramics, throws, books, technology and fragrances were some of the items offered as part of the new decorative objects and soft decor sections of the retailer’s site. All of the design items featured are meant to make homes cozy and tranquil at a time when consumers are looking to splurge on brightening up their living rooms as a mental escape for difficult times (see story).