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Gucci connects gender equity, sustainability via podcast episode
March 22, 2023
In the podcast, the women discuss what true female liberation looks like, and come to the agreement that it revolves around the idea of choice; agency. Gucci has long been a proponent of choice, standing by women in the United States as their right to reproductive freedom has been continually threatened in recent years. The brand not only released items that supported abortion rights and gave statements confirming their support of it alongside other luxury brands, but decided to go a step further and provide financial aid to employees who would have to travel out-of-state in order to receive care in the face of the unconstitutional bans ( see story ). Since 2020, the brand has been bolstering its many gender equality efforts with environmental initiatives, launching a more in-depth and transparent version of Gucci Equilibrium that summer ( see story ). Gucci has since released a slew of programs and advancements in terms of sustainability – something that was highlighted this week with the release of the podcast episode. Gucci's vision of a modern, responsible and circular luxury is elevated throughout the design process. The House has been transforming its supply chain, from how and where raw materials are sourced for its collections, to the efficient and innovative processes used to make them. — Gucci Equilibrium (@ggequilibrium) March 20, 2023 As waste becomes even more of a global crisis, Gucci has especially been homing in on circular models, looking to the method in order to boost the company’s sustainability and achieve targeted green goals. The brand has partnered with Vestiare Collective to provide preloved options for consumers, pushed product care and repair programs, embraced vintage, began using discarded pieces to create new ones, prioritized regenerative agricultural sources, increased recycled materials and among other things, has recently released the Circular Hub – Italy’s first platform dedicated