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Will we have MOVID or NOVID?

May 23, 2022

Rania V. Sedhom is managing partner at Sedhom Law Group Rania V. Sedhom is managing partner at Sedhom Law Group


By Rania V. Sedhom

We are all intimately familiar with COVID, but what is MOVID or NOVID?

MOVID refers to policies and practices that are reactive to More COVID (MOVID), while NOVID refers to those practices and policies that are anticipating no more COVID (NOVID).

With the worst of the pandemic behind us, everyone is struggling with what to do next – hybrid workforce, all onsite, all remote, company retreats, parties, reunions and weddings. Issues such as (a) how many people should be at any given place at any given time, (b) whether congested places should require mask wearing, (c) should everyone continue, or create, a COVID pod, (d) should life return to normal, and (e) can all restrictions be lifted?

When the nation, really the world, was aligned with its policies of masking, social distancing and capacity limits, the only questions being asked centered around whether activities were safe and for how long the restrictions will last.

Now, countries have very different rules in place – some NOVID (e.g. France) and some MOVID (e.g. Japan). Throughout the U.S. states and cities are taking varying approaches and mask requirements and signage can vary block by block in New York City.

With indefiniteness comes an opportunity.

For more than two years, companies and individuals took reactive approaches to policies and procedures and their personal behavior. Now, we are at a precipice.

While some referred to what was occurring during the pandemic as “the new normal,” it is now that the new normal can be defined.

Looking back at the last 26 months, was working from home productive, did teams become disjointed or more collaborative, are employees happier to be working, are individual returning to their original homestead, are friends closer, relationships more intimate?

There are several aspects of life that were disrupted, but now each company and industry can create a new methodology for its success.

Which methodology will you adopt – one based on MOVID or NOVID? Will luxury brands continue with entry lines or by appointment (e.g., Chanel, and Louis Vuitton) or allow entry any time (e.g., Bulgari and Salvatore Ferragamo).

Watching shoppers can provide insights. How many consumers do you see waiting to enter a luxury store? Are they simply gravitating toward online to avoid lines and appointments? While we are in NOVID/MOVID limbo, consumers are deciding how they want to interact with brands and other people.

Once they have made up their minds, the number of individuals waiting online may diminish.

As long as consumers purchase online, brands may continue as they please.  But, if history repeats itself, there will be very strong opinions related to MOVID versus NOVID, and market share may be divided between the two.

Rania V. Sedhom is founding member and managing partner of the Sedhom Law Group, New York.Views shared are purely the author’s. Reach her at