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Zegna ups exclusivity with email, Facebook sign-ups

November 2, 2012


Italian fashion house Ermenegildo Zegna is gaining interest for its “Ties Around the World” collection through an exclusive email campaign as well as a Facebook image that prompted users to register for its new special project.

The email invited consumers to a “privileged preview” of the brand’s project, which is a limited collection of ties in a tribute to the most iconic cities in the world. A similar Facebook post appeared that asked users to register to be the first to see the ties.

“Email campaigns are pretty basic, and generally are only effective when they are sent to the brand’s loyal customers, notifying them about special offers, new products and exclusive launches," said John Casey, founder and director at FreshFluff, New York.

“Also, you do not want overkill when it comes to sending emails out to customers,” he said. “Once customers start seeing repetitious email blasts from a particular brand, they are liable to start ignoring them - so, make the emails count.”

Mr. Casey is not affiliated with Zegna, but agreed to comment as an industry expert.

Zegna did not respond before press deadline.

For loyal customers only
Zegna promoted its new project through the email blast. It was likely sent to users who purchased Zegna products or opted-in to receive its newsletter.

The email from Zegna went straight to the point. It promoted only the new tie project.

Also, the link was accessible in the body of the message.

Zegna email featuring 'Ties around the World" project

“Email campaigns are best used for loyal customers of the brand,” Mr. Casey said. “Brevity is key, and making an easily identifiable click-through link to the brand’s Web site is paramount, since you do not want your customers navigating through the body of the email looking for a link to get more information.”

In addition to the email blast, Zegna also promoted the “Ties Around the World” project through an image on Facebook.

Zegna's Facebook picture mentions the special project

The image said “Register Now” to receive information about a special product. It included a link that took users to Zegna’s Web site to join the mailing list so that they could receive emails in the future.

Special project

Zegna's "Ties Around the World" is a special collection of silk ties that pay tribute to certain cities around the world.

The featured cities include Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Macau, Tokyo, London, Zurich, Milan, Venice, Rome, Las Vegas, New York and Mexico City.

The ties were available online only as of press deadline.

Ties from "Ties around the World" collection 

His and her emails
High-end marketers that use email should personalize their messages for male and female customers, especially if brands are trying to drive traffic online or for specific in-store promotions.

Knowing the difference between the two genders can help to drive transactions or direct consumers in-store. This is especially important since email personalization and customization in general is so important to affluent consumers (see story).

Overall, male consumers are more apt to respond to email.

A Tod’s executive at the Luxury Interactive 2012 conference said that affluent males are twice as loyal as female consumers and can be reached best via email, brand partnerships and a lifestyle-based digital marketing approach (see story).

“Make sure that when you are promoting a line of exclusive ties, you are sending them to male customers,” Mr. Casey said. “The product should be relevant to the gender.

“A guy is not going to appreciate getting an email about a new line of handbags," he said.

Final Take

Erin Shea, editorial assistant on Luxury Daily, New York