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Ad:tech New York stumps for engagement and experiences with post-advertising innovation theme

October 3, 2017

Ad:tech New York's theme for its Nov. 1-2 show is "Innovation in a Post-Advertising Era" Ad:tech New York's theme for its Nov. 1-2 show is "Innovation in a Post-Advertising Era." Image credit: ad:tech/Comexposium


The next edition of ad:tech New York Nov. 1-2 is targeting agency executives, publishers and brand marketers with a pitch of innovation in a post-advertising era where ads, marketing, technology and media have muddied established roles in customer acquisition and retention efforts.

Hosted by Comexposium, ad:tech New York promises sessions on subjects that keep marketers awake at night. In addition to a sharper focus on content, the conference is also designed to maximize networking among delegates and mingling with exhibitors on the show floor.

“Our experience and research confirm to us that not only do they want to gain actionable insights from the program, they want to know who exactly is in the room, who is encountering the same issues they are, and to be able to engage meaningfully as a community on these matters,” said Jan Barthelemy, global brand director for ad:tech and iMedia.

Here is a Q&A with Mr. Barthelemy on ad:tech New York – a 21-year-old event brand in the process of reinvention – and how it is catering to the rapidly evolving needs of its attendees and sponsors:

Is ad:tech calling time-out on advertising?
Ah ha – no, not at all! We’re just saying that advertising needs to evolve.

Our theme, “Innovation in a Post-Advertising Era,” is a challenge and a call to action for the industry to continue to evolve, but also for marketers to examine how technology can help them create exceptional customer experiences. Experiences that enhance people’s lives.

It’s not enough to simply rely on outdated ad conventions and formats that interrupt and invade people’s news feeds and, in essence, their lives.

Why is the choice of the theme relevant for this point in time?
Ad:tech as a conference has radically evolved over the years in line with rampant disruption in our sector.

There is a clear convergence of advertising tech and marketing tech, and with this convergence come new complexities for marketers. But there’s also never been a better and more exciting time to be a marketer.

There are massive opportunities with today’s technology to build brands through deep engagement and a focus on experiences.

Marketers and agencies need to use tech creatively and innovatively to capture consumers’ attention today in ways they never imagined possible.

The technology and tools have arrived, and the opportunity will continue to expand as the state of the art and science evolves.

You've made several changes to ad:tech. Can you elaborate?
The event has evolved into a must-attend conference with an amazing line-up of speakers and thought leaders, complemented by a select group of exhibitors and sponsors.

But we also are taking responsibility for connecting like-minded delegates with each other through our own use of technology this year.

Attendees expect this level of engagement to ensure real value from their time out of the office.

Our experience and research confirm to us that not only do they want to gain actionable insights from the program, they want to know who exactly is in the room, who is encountering the same issues they are, and to be able to engage meaningfully as a community on these matters.

We believe that half the learning in this fast-evolving space is through conversation, whether peer-to-peer or with the great tech experts in the exhibit hall, so we take the facilitation of this community exchange very seriously.

What's different about the content layout and the speaker lineup?
This year, it’s all about the clients – the brand and agency marketers who are putting the ad and martech to use daily to reach their consumers in new, fresh, innovative ways.

We really put an emphasis this year on getting stellar brands – over 25, in fact – including McDonald’s, Intel, Bose, Nissan, GSK, representing a variety of verticals, sizes, challenges and opportunities.

We hear time and again from our audience that real case study examples provide the most value.

You’ll still see panels with varying points of view, but the main difference is the profile of our speakers.

Also, worth noting is that whether on the main stage or in a breakout, the seniority of our thought leaders has been elevated.

We’ve also made the content and format more manageable.

Rather than deliver the massive volume of the days of yore, we want people to have the opportunity to engage, ask questions, connect with one another after a session, absorb. So we were picky in our selection process.

We have the best speakers covering the hottest and most pressing issues. And you’ll really get a breadth of content across the two days, such as social good, data, experiences over impressions, emerging tech, loyalty, digital transformation, and more.

How many people do you expect to attend and from which sectors of business?
This is the confluence and meeting place for mid-senior level brand marketers from all sectors and their agencies, media owners and ad and martech providers.

Ad:tech New York used to be hosted at the Jacob Javits Center or the Hilton Midtown, but this year it's moved to the Metropolitan Pavilion. Why the move?
The Metropolitan Pavilion is a much cooler and inspiring space in the heartland of the industry, and this maximizes the potential of the delegate experience.

When was the last time you were enthusiastic about going to an event at the Javits Center? Enough said.

What can attendees expect to see from the show floor? How is the exhibitor mix reflective of what's going on at the intersection of advertising and technology?
We have exciting companies of all sizes and growth stages on the show floor. This gives attendees a great feel for the pulse of the marketplace. Their depth and breadth exemplify the industry today.

The boundaries between marketing and advertising are gone and the tech on display really illustrates that convergence.

What do you want attendees to expect from the show and walk away with?
I want attendees to come away inspired, energized and better connected.

The content program has been designed to take the delegates on a journey that will give them new ideas, actionable insights they can activate when they get back to their office, and some great connections with like-minded individuals, all of which will make them more productive and creative marketers.