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Armani encourages cross-generational dialogue with ‘Parent Talks’

April 18, 2023

Former Italian soccer player Claudio Marchisio discusses the struggle to strike a reasonable balance between fatherhood and securing his future as an athlete in the latest episode of the Armani-sponsored exercise. Image credit: Emporio Armani Former Italian soccer player Claudio Marchisio discusses the struggles of striking a balance between fatherhood and athleticism amid a new branded content drop. Image credit: Emporio Armani


Italian fashion house Giorgio Armani is once again pairing popular parents with their kids for the third edition of a beloved conversation series.

With each episode grounded in one central theme relevant to caregivers today, a new season of the brand’s cross-generational dialogue has arrived. Simply put, “Parent Talks” promotes the childrenswear division of one of Armani Group’s most profitable sub-labels by connecting with consumers while platforming familiar faces who embody universally-resonant family values both on and off camera.

Crucial connections
Former Italian soccer player Claudio Marchisio discusses the struggle to strike a reasonable balance between fatherhood and securing his future as an athlete in the latest episode of Emporio Armani’s exercise.

In a roughly three-minute clip, the retiree talks through many of the changes that occurred after taking a step back from his role as a successful professional midfielder.

As Mr. Marchisio expresses amid the branded content, winning seven consecutive “Serie A” — and four consecutive “Coppa Italia” — titles came at a cost.

“I traveled a lot, honestly, I spent only two nights a week at home, so, I wasn’t really there,” says Mr. Marchisio, starring in the video.

Former Italian soccer player Claudio Marchisio and son star in an episode of Emporio Armani’s intimate storytelling exercise

“I didn’t have much of a presence.”

Mr. Marchisio and his second-born son Leonardo are in focus and, as the clip progresses, audiences become aware of a seemingly inseparable bond between father and child.

Developed as a result of an intentional shift towards quality time enacted on behalf of the now-retired player, Mr. Marchisio describes deepening his attachment to his family in the wake of stepping down from the spotlight.

The parent goes as far as to recognize the immense amount of pressure that an outsized family name can place on its younger members.

“Now that they are growing, they get recognized too,” he shares.

“The other kids of their age see their family name on their badges and they begin to feel pressure.

“‘You’re only playing here because of your dad’ or ‘You’re not that great, just wait, I’ll steal the ball from you.’”

“They just need to have fun.”

Throughout, “Parent Talks” characters big and small are outfitted in the Emporio Armani Junior line. Launched in 1982, the childrenswear offering was renamed just a few years back in 2017, as part of a larger reorganization of the group's portfolio — today, viewers can shop the video’s looks via a dedicated online landing page.

The resource carries previews of reflections from Mr. Marchisio, as well as those of Italian actress Elisabetta Canalis, who fronts a separate selection with her seven-year-old daughter Skylar.

Italian actress Elisabetta Canalis fronts Emporio Armani's selection with her seven-year-old daughter, Skylar

The talent speaks to yet another crucial aspect of parenting, in keeping a connection with one’s culture of origin, even if situated miles away from home.

“Roots are very important,” Ms. Canalis says.

“I think I understand this because I live far away from Italy.”

Ms. Canalis hones in on how she stays in touch with family, harping on frequent contact with her daughter’s grandparents as the key to keeping closeness and traditions intact. The actress dons an Emporio Armani tee while dissecting said concepts.

All-in-all, the maternal lead’s educational approach appears to be paying off per an early proclamation from her young one.

“Italian and American, I’m both,” she exclaims.

Armani Values
The value of maintaining universal values at Armani is reflected across releases, as the holding company continues to showcase the business case for a streamlined marketing presence.

For starters, a set of people, planet and prosperity pillars unifies all of Giorgio Armani S.p.A's names. News and updates concerning ongoing projects and initiatives at the eponymous group are housed under one corporate title, “Armani/Values.

“Family Talks” apparel aside, Giorgio Armani's empire is comprised of flagship brand Armani, plus lower-priced bridge line Armani Exchange and Emporio Armani, which sits between the two in price and targets a younger consumer. Sportswear range “EA7" also falls under the Armani umbrella.

Of all of its diffusion brands, though, Emporio Armani is said to be the only entity outside of his original namesake for which the tastemaker himself is the primary designer.

The Armani story serves as a powerful example of how consolidation (see story), cohesion and the subsequent implementation of harmonious branding efforts — “Parent Talks” included” — can lead luxury leaders towards strengthened base sales in the long run.

“One full year earlier than planned, the Armani Group achieved more than 4 billion euros in turnover of Armani brands including licenses and more than 2 billion euros in direct consolidate revenues,” said Giuseppe Marsocci, deputy general manager and chief commercial officer and Daniele Ballestrazzi, deputy general manager and chief operating & financial officer at the Armani Group, in a statement.

“These results are even more encouraging given that they were achieved without undue pressure on sales opportunities, but rather by streamlining the size of the collections, implementing an attentive selection of the distribution network, in line with the brand's founding principle: 'less is more', and improving the quality of the Armani experience offered to the end consumer,” they said. “A relentless work and focus on brand equity which, combined with the Group's financial performance, confirms the effectiveness of the medium-long term strategic framework to which we are committed.”