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Armani simplifies ecommerce with Web site redesign showing Pinterest influence

October 29, 2013


Italian fashion label Giorgio Armani is seeking to pull consumers to its ecommerce options with a new Web site that emphasizes simplicity.

The redesign allows consumers to easily navigate the world of Armani through enhanced search functions and cleaner categories. By making the Web site more functional, Armani is likely to see a boost in ecommerce.

"The Armani site redesign clearly shows the influence of Pinterest, which is a good thing,” said Michael Tchong, founder of Social Revolution and trend analyst at Ubercool, San Francisco.

“Brands that keep up with cultural trends demonstrate that they're on the cutting edge," he said.

Mr. Tchong is not affiliated with Armani, but agreed to comment as an industry expert.

Armani was unable to comment directly.

Sleek design
Armani’s new Web site features a grey and black color palette to allow the collection images found below the navigation bar to be the main focus.

The top section of the navigation bar shows the country, search field and store locator while the bottom section displays categories such as Man, Women, Kids, Accessories, Watches, Eyewear, Brand and A/Live.

When the cursor is moved over a category, a drop-down menu is revealed to enable consumers to select the Armani label of their liking.

Armani's Web site redesign

The image tiles are arranged close together to create a collage-like look. Each image shows a different element of Armani’s collections such as Emporio Armani Coats and Trench and Giorgio Armani Women’s Bags found at the top of the page.

A click-through brings consumers directly to product details and a box that suggests similar products for the shopper to enjoy.

Armani handbag page

Other sections include Armani Jeans, Armani Junior and Armani Collezioni where the consumer can shop by outfitted looks such as the casual, classic and day look for women and the casual, travel, day and business look for men.

Armani Collezioni looks for men

The Web site also features aspects and information of its bespoke Giorgio Armani made-to-measure suit collection. Interested consumers can fill out a form to schedule an appointment at a nearby boutique.

Armani’s Armani Live journal launched on the Web site Oct. 24 following the One Night Only event in New York City. This section gives fans an inside look at the world of Armani through exclusive editorial features, video, photos and interviews (see story).

In addition, the Web site is mobile optimized for consumers shopping on-the-go.

Armani mobile site

Shopping with ease
Other luxury brands have sought to enhance the ecommerce experience by pursuing simplicity.

For example, jeweler Tiffany & Co. is intertwining its fine jewelry collections with heritage on an interactive and simple ecommerce experience made possible by a redesigned Web site.

Debuting Oct. 21, the updated platform is designed as a personal invitation for consumers to shop or learn about the history surrounding Tiffany’s collections. Although simple in layout, the Web site immerses consumers in Tiffany’s DNA by including details of its history rather than focusing solely on ecommerce (see story).

Additionally, British label Mulberry bolstered its ecommerce efforts through a new simplified Web site that was announced Aug. 28.

The brand’s updated site offers a simple design with multiple touch points for consumers to click to shop certain products and collections from the homepage. Mulberry will likely boost ecommerce by making the shopping function more easily accessible (see story).

When redesigning a desktop Web site, mobile optimization should only be a step behind.

"Mobile optimization is a must these days,” Mr. Tchong said

“We're about a year away from when half of Web traffic will come from mobile platforms, so having a responsive mobile site is key."

Final take
Jen King, editorial assistant on Luxury Daily, New York