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Audi celebrates history, innovation in TV spots

May 15, 2013


Audi of America is celebrating its history and brand innovation through new television commercials that debuted May 13.

The German automaker is showcasing its “Truth in Engineering” tagline and the history of its innovations through one 60-second commercial and four 15-second commercials. Audi is also promoting the videos through its social media to extend the commercial’s reach.

“The new campaign is in homage to the spirit of innovation that has made Audi the award-winning brand it is today,” said Loren Angelo, director of marketing at Audi of America, Washington.

“It further defines Audi's tagline Truth in Engineering by bringing to life Audi's stories of bravery, such as pioneering Quattro all-wheel-drive technology more than 30 years ago, choosing aluminum over the industry standard of steel in frame development, leading LED lighting innovation and being the first to race and win the 24 Hours of Le Mans with a TDI clean diesel engine,” he said.

Truth in engineering

The 60-second commercial tells the story of the brand’s relationship with innovation in racing. It is titled, “It couldn’t be done.”

The commercial begins with clips of the automaker’s founder August Horch as a narrator reads the poem “It couldn’t be done” by Edgar Albert Guest.

Then, the video goes through short video clips and images that show Audi’s progression in engineering throughout its history. It showcases the automaker’s success by presenting its vehicles’ capabilities and milestones.

Commercial still

The video ends with a new Audi revving its engine. The screen cuts to black as “This is doing the impossible” and “This is truth in engineering” flash on the screen.

It couldn't be done

Also, Audi created four shorter commercials that each detail one aspect of Audi innovation.

The first commercial titled “Why” describes Audi’s commitment to safety.

The first half shows a crash test as the words “How we do things” flash across the video. It then transitions to the second part that shows a child in the backseat as “isn’t as important as” and “why” fill the screen.


Next, the “Elements” commercial reads “Why just take on the elements when you can openly mock them?” as frost gathers on an Audi vehicle. Then, the car bursts into the outdoors and drives effortlessly on a snowy road.


In the “LED” commercial, a lamppost light flickers and the words “By finding new ways to light the darkness” comes on the screen. Then, an Audi flips on its lights and zooms down the road as “we illuminate an industry” flashes on the video.


Lastly, in the spot titled “Beauty,” the automaker flaunts the design in its vehicles by showing the creation of its interiors. The words in this commercial read “Sometimes beauty is in the eye of the engineer.”


The five commercials are running during prime time on NBC and CBS networks and on select cable networks including CNN, MSNBC, HGTV, Food Network, CNBC and USA.

The spots are also being promoted on Audi’s social media platforms.

Audi's tweet

Celebrating milestones

Other luxury automakers have pushed their brands by celebrating their heritage.

For instance, Bentley Motors is showcasing its racing history with six limited-edition models that are featured on a microsite.

Each model was inspired by a driver from the British automaker’s six victories at the 24 Hours of Le Mans race in France (see story).

Also, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars put its craftsmanship and history on display in its first museum exhibition at the BMW Museum in Munich, Germany, that opened March 20.

The exhibition, titled “Strive for Perfection,” celebrates the 10th year of the BMW Group’s ownership of Rolls-Royce and the 150th anniversary of Sir Henry Royce’s birth (see story).

Audi’s campaign sets it apart from the others since it focuses on the innovations in engineering that have brought the automaker to where it is today.

“The campaign celebrates the heritage and spirit of Audi and brings to life the Audi tagline Truth in Engineering," Mr. Angelo said.

“The spots represent the philosophy of Audi - to champion the spirit of innovation and individualism and to never settle for anything less than greatness,” he said.

Final take

Erin Shea, editorial assistant on Luxury Daily, New York