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Audi drops clever, concise ads to showcase offerings

May 13, 2021

The 2020 Q7 SUV from Audi. Image courtesy of Audi


German automaker Audi is using unexpected comedic moments to promote its lineup, from sport utility vehicles, hybrids and sedans.

A new series of short clips takes disparate cinematic approaches in illustrating the power and allure of Audi. By featuring models ranging from the Q5 hybrid, Q7, e-tron, e-tron Sportback and RS 7, the automaker emphasizes that its vehicles offer a way for any driver to find excitement in ordinary moments.

“Audi places an emphasis on performance, and these spots highlight that Audi SUVs have the driving dynamics of a sports car,” said Julie Blackley, communications manager at iSeeCars, Boston. “Many consider SUVs to be boring, family vehicles, but Audi looks to shatter that perception.”

Adding drama to every drive
Audi’s latest vignettes illustrate how their offerings are not vehicles simply used for mundane tasks but can be vehicles of excitement and expression.

“Audi Presents: Previous Owner” is a comical take on classic horror film tropes. It opens with eerie music playing as an upbeat woman gives a couple a tour of a house.

The house might be haunted, but at least there's an Audi

“The previous owners left in a hurry, so the house comes with everything you see,” the realtor exclaims as the shot cuts to a chair in the dining room rotating by itself.

As a man follows the realtor and witnesses a framed portrait suddenly dripping with wet paint, his partner wanders to the garage to find an illuminated orange 2020 RS Q8. The woman is immediately and visibly enamored by the SUV.

While the man following the realtor looks equally terrified and mystified, his partner jovially skips into the room after seeing the Audi, announcing that the couple will be taking the house and everything in it.

“Starting Line” takes a more suspenseful approach, opening with a lone toll operator playing with a radio at his post in the middle of the night. Suddenly, all of the tolls are illuminated as an orange 2021 SQ7 Prestige pulls up.

The woman in the 2021 SQ7 nods to the toll operator, who nods back. Two other drivers then pull up in their respective Audi SUVs.

Time to race

The toll operator can see all the cars on a screen by his side as the vehicles wait. The camera cuts to closeups of the SQ7 vehicle.

When the operator presses a large red button, a bell rings and the woman driving the orange SQ7 smiles, indicating that it is finally race time.

A third vignette, “Speed Bump,” playfully shows a man painting a speed bump a checkered-black and white, reminiscent of a flag used at a car race. His partner then walks out of their home, unplugs the 2021 Audi Q5 hybrid, smiles and looks over at him.

The two smile at each other as he stands up to show his work and a voiceover murmurs, “try to contain yourself.”

Audi efforts
Audi continues to find new ways to attract consumers to their SUV and electric offerings.

Last year, the German automaker grew its collaboration with clean energy platform Arcadia to offer a 10-year subscription to solar power for its e-tron SUV at no extra cost. An industry first, the promotion was available to the first 3,000 eligible customers who took delivery of a new or certified pre-owned 2019 Audi e-tron SUV (see story).

For years, Audi has continued to try to position its SUVs as thrilling vehicles.

In 2018, Audi took on a role as filmmaker with a five-part series online that took the form of a television show rather than advertisement. Audi hoped to parallel the thrill of its SUV with the action-packed series (see story).

Whether with added bonuses or cinematic campaigns, Audi continues to show that its offerings can be both versatile and stylish.

“The ads show that driving an Audi SUV is a thrilling experience, thanks to the automaker’s powerful engine and sporty driving dynamics,” Ms. Blackley said. “More drivers are moving away from traditional sports sedans to SUVs, and these vehicles show that drivers can have the utility of an SUV with the excitement of a flashy sports car.”