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Burberry ties up holiday efforts via social video, in-store push

December 20, 2012


British marketer Burberry is rounding out its product-focused holiday efforts through a musical, animated social video that pushes the luster of its most technologically-advanced flagship store in London.

The label is sharing an 80-second video greeting card on a holiday microsite and via its social media channels that depicts “a festive night” inside the Burberry boutique at 121 Regent Street, London. Burberry is encouraging its fans to share the video as well.

"Burberry's strategy was to create original online content to help connect the brand to the affluent luxury consumer during the busiest shopping season of the year," said Christine Kirk, CEO of Social Muse Communications, Los Angeles.

"There is so much noise and clutter during the holiday season that it is important for brands to stay top of mind with the buying consumer," she said. "Creating original holiday-related content featuring Burberry keeps the brand at the forefront of consumer's attention."

Ms. Kirk is not affiliated with Burberry, but agreed to comment as an industry expert.

Burberry declined comment.

Va va video

The microsite at houses the holiday video. When users arrive at the site, music plays and users can opt-in to view the clip.

Holiday microsite 

The song is titled“Goodbye England (Covered in Snow)” and is performed by Laura Marling. The song and artist seem to align with the label’s ongoing Burberry Acoustic music efforts.

When played, an invitation in the video opens to reveal an animated London skyline. Snow falls, lights in building windows turn on and off while people walk across the screen.

Video still 

The video is shown in muted colors to take on the feel of a snowy winter evening.

Balloons begin to fall from the sky with gift bags tied to their strings.

Next, the video transitions to the street level to show an animated version of the London boutique where the outlines of many people are shown in its bright windows.

A couple arrives by umbrella from the sky and enters the store. They dance through the second floor and emerge to see a gift bag attached to a balloon that is floating down from the sky.

Video still 

The outline of the man takes a jacket out of the bag and drapes it on the woman’s shoulders. They walk off the screen.

The card closes to end the video.

A Festive Night At Burberry 121 Regent Street video

On the holiday microsite, Burberry tells viewers, “Share this experience and enjoy the festive spirit.” Users can share the video via email, Facebook and Twitter.

The label continues, “To celebrate the season, Burberry Limited is delighted to make a donation to the Burberry Foundation to help young people realize their full potential through the power of their creativity.”

End of video 

Burberry also shared the video via its Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts.

"Very few brands have successfully created engaging, and entertaining original content, while still showcasing the brand," Ms. Kirk said. "Usually the content ends up looking like your average television commercial.

"Burberry walked the line well between creating visually beautiful content while featuring the brand name," she said.

Impulse buy

Burberry’s holiday strategy seemed to be primarily product-driven up to this point in the season.

The label used digital ads and its social media accounts to push products from its online holiday gift guide for women, men and children.

For instance, Burberry placed ads in the header of The New York Times’ digital publication that linked to its gift guide.

New York Times ad

Also, Facebook posts with images of specific products linked back to the gift guide.

However, last-minute sales cannot always be completed via digital due to the shipping process.

Burberry could be pushing consumers to exhibit the lifestyle of the brand through its stores, but ultimately video efforts will lead consumers to additional online brand channels.

"Burberry is clearly looking to create an emotional connection with its customers during the holiday season with this enchanting video piece," said Yuli Ziv, founder/CEO of Style Coalition, New York.

"While I can appreciate the artistic approach, it is not the most effective during the holiday season when shoppers have a shorter attention span and are product focused," she said.

"Naturally consumers who are viewing the video online would be more inclined to visit Burberry's digital destination rather than run to the store."

Final Take
Tricia Carr, editorial assistant on Luxury Daily, New York