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Chanel deepens tweed affinity with ‘50s-style beauty spot

September 22, 2022

Chanel Makeup Look The brand’s latest ad features Chanel Makeup's tweed-inspired eye palette, “Les 4 Ombres Tweed Pourpre”. Image credit: Chanel


French fashion house Chanel is not treading lightly when it comes to tweed, continuing its tributes by bringing efforts over to the beauty counter.

The luxury leader is out with “The Tweed Issue," a Chanel Makeup presentation in campaign video form. The brand’s latest ad features its “Les 4 Ombres Tweed Pourpre” palette, inspired by the House’s favored woolen looks.

Beauty, brains and bouclé
Chanel’s latest mini-spot highlights the range of its limited edition makeup drop in a new campaign film.

Stop motion video effects meet the spot's vintage aesthetic, chock-full of creative treatments reminiscent of the era in which tweed rose to widespread popularity.

Spinning 1950s television-style text marks its start.

Chanel employs archival imagery to market its tweed-inspired eye palette

Behind the animated text, a model rests laterally atop a circular platform with a velvet finish, head rested on hand and elbow hoisted upon one of the many office file piles that surround her.

“Scene one, Appel, take one,” an omniscient director orders, as the camera zooms in on the video’s subject with haste. The model proceeds to read aloud from a book with a tweed cover, speaking to the tenants of tweed.

"I tweed, you tweed, he or she tweeds," she explains, narrating in a stylistically childlike tone.

Frames transition to a branded magazine with live movement on its pages. Suddenly, the model appears in book, receiving touch-ups to her “Les 4 Ombres Tweed Pourpre” looks.

Tones from Chanel's fall-ready palette dominate its color story, as product is blended out and looks come together seamlessly. The digital asset ends with a montage of the clip's most frequented scenes, followed by a declaration.

"Tweed is all we need," says its main character.

A robotic voice takes the place of the director, in a twist that reminds viewers of Chanel's modern makeuped take on a classic house theme, while impressively alluding to other campaign components.

Chanel Site

Video aside, brand fans are able to explore four unique interactive experiences centered around tweed on Chanel's site. Image credit: ChanelChanel's most recent beauty drop is its ready-to-wear campaign's clear counterpart, as creative director Virginie Viard opted to dedicate the marketing effort to the fabric that has become synonymous with the brand’s name.

Tweed steals the show in Chanel's new fall/winter 2022 campaign video directed by Dutch duo Inez Van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadino (see story).