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Christofle explores royal heritage in artistic campaign

September 30, 2021

The nature-inspired Marly pattern. Image credit: Christolfe


French silversmith Christofle is illustrating the heritage and meticulous approach behind an iconic pattern through a new film campaign.

The new vignette tracks the history and style of the Marly pattern. Discussing the symmetry and heritage inherent in the pattern, the short film centers the power of the cutlery collection in helping create and commemorate intimate gatherings just as several people, including royalty, have done for centuries.

"While it is already understood that Christofle represents the highest non-negotiable standards of quality, the video elegantly reinforces other pillars of luxury including heritage, provenance, and authenticity," said Chris Ramey, CEO of Affluent Insights, Palm Beach.

Marly and me at home
In an inviting and artistic video, an unseen female narrator calls attention to the vivid history and inspiration behind Christofle’s Marly motif.

In the 18th century, King Louis XIV would use the Château de Marly, a French royal residence, as a place of respite from the formal responsibilities and duties he addressed at Versailles. The Marly pattern is an ode to the friendship and freedom the king felt at the Marly estate.

For King Louis XIV, Marly was a haven for gatherings.

The vignette begins with a blinking image of Louis XIV, before discussing the symmetry and generous decorations inherent in the pattern originally named Louis XV Marly, created by the silversmith in 1897.

The pattern, following a timeless theme of nature, features large cut leaves and a meticulous style.

Images of the pattern and flatware permeate the film, accentuated throughout with elegant graphics and seamless transitions. The detailed design also appears on objects such as forks, spoons and glasses in the film.

The asymmetrical plant motifs are reminiscent of the “Rocaille” style, highlighting Christofle’s expertise and attention to detail. The pieces are so detailed that the silversmith is aiming to make the plants feel as though they extend outside of the confines of the flatware.

The collection brings the past and the present together while highlighting the constant desire to gather together.

“Christofle’s Marly collection links ornate 18th century France with a contemporary tribute to nature,” the narrator says. “It expresses, above all, a desire for intimate gatherings.”

The Marly motif has royal roots. Image credit: Christofle

Ending the short film, the narrator notes how the Marly collection is a way to bring home the timeless, elegant spirit exchanged in royal gatherings.

The collection features flatware and barware, and consumers can add bespoke touches in the form of partial or full gold gliding. The design complements floral patterns and feuillet porcelain.

Timeless appeal
Christofle’s Marly collection and campaign is enticing in its historical and sophisticated approach, but also reflects the silversmith’s active work to appeal to a modern audience.

In 2019, Christofle underwent a root-and-branch makeover, ditching its Art of Sharing positioning for an Art of Living approach to its expanded line of products.

The repositioning came a year and a half after McKinsey veteran Nathalie Remy took over as CEO with the mandate to make Christofle relevant to younger affluent consumers and discerning corporate customers (see story).

The same year, Christofle linked with Grammy-award-winning musician Pharrell Williams and chef-restaurateur Jean Imbert on a limited-edition line designed for entertaining.

Centered on the art of sharing, the Mood flatware sets were encased in bright yellow eggs with illustrations of Mr. Williams and Mr. Imbert serving up drinks and food to friends (see story).

Through the new campaign, Christofle continues its mission in providing tools for consumers to share with those they care about for intimate gatherings.

"Christofle perfects the luxury business model by leveraging pillars of luxury to drive brand desire," Mr. Ramey said.