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Travel and hospitality

Concierge tailors in-home management solutions for ultra-high-net-worth clients

March 1, 2017

Image courtesy of Neiman Marcus Image courtesy of Neiman Marcus


New York- and London-based Concierge is offering a new approach and solution to affluent household staffing with the introduction of a non-member service.

With more than 15 years of experience, Concierge works with discerning clientele to assist with every type of request via service suited to meet the personal tastes and preferences of individual members. While a quarterly membership starts at $5,000, Concierge is sharing its wealth of knowledge with non-members through a newly launched sister brand, Concierge Household.

"We provide tailored staff management solutions," said Flora White, CEO of Concerige. "Essentially, we manage your household so that you can finally enjoy your home."

Helping at home
Founded in 2000, Concierge specializes in providing a high-standard of concierge services, limitless in scope, to its ultra-high-net-worth members. Each member is looked after by a dedicated trio, an account director, account manager and account assistant, to ensure services are “carried out with diligence and meticulous attention to detail.”

Concierge reviews applicants on a case-by-case basis after a meeting with prospective members. Concierge also keeps its membership capped at 100 between New York and London to keep its standards and capabilities at the highest level of proficiency.

In the past, Concierge’s services were available to non-members for one-off projects such as recruitment, relocation, property search and events.

Seeing the potential of expanding, Concierge, inspired by the successes of its staff management services for enrolled clients, has launched Concierge Household.

Concierge Household, a professional employment organization, will specialize in the staffing and managing of domestic teams of non-members. By tapping into Concierge’s existing know-how, Concierge Household hopes to “redefine household operations.”

Services provided by Concierge Household will operate alongside its parent company’s established and trusted resources such as legal partners to ensure a complaint workplace. Also, Concierge Household will recruit trusted talent from an applicant pool of qualified individuals that have experience and familiarity with working with a high-net-worth family.

concierge.concerige london new york

Image courtesy of Concierge 

As with Concierge's primary services, Concierge Household will create programs that align with individual needs and preferences of each family.

With Concierge Household’s services, clients can expect the consolidation of administrative duties, a decrease in employment liability, fostered lines of communication and optimal staff performance.

These objectives are facilitated by Concierge Household having any understanding of the client’s household, tailored recommendations, implementing and managing and reporting and analysis.

First, Concierge Household visits for a consultation and follows up by spending time with the household and shadowing each staff member during an average work day. Doing so allows Concierge Household to understand the day-to-day happenings of the home in question.

Once the consultation is complete, Concierge Household will create a detailed proposal with a transition plan and current expense analysis. Suggestions could include cost cutting measures and the option to create an employee handbook, among other recommendations.

When the household has signed off on Concierge Household’s proposal, the company will ensure a seamless as possible transition for the client and team. From that point on, Concierge Household will manage hours, payroll, overtime and approving vacation days for employees as well as collecting receipts and analyzing expenses through a series of mobile applications.

At the end of every month, Concierge Household will provide clients with a detailed report. Key metrics will include employee performance reviews, expense snapshots and payroll outgoings.

Concierge Households’ reports will be catalogued in a secure Web portal for clients to reference.

Personal vs. digital
While Concierge and Concierge Household provide touch of humanity to its services, there have been advancements in digital concierge platforms in the hospitality sector.

For example, Panasonic and IBM Watson are working on a new way to improve the traveling experience for consumers with a digital concierge service that lets them access all hotel services from a unique cloud-based service.

The partnership is still in its early phases. The two will also work on a separate mobile app that will allow consumers to interact with digital signage through their phones (see story).

Hotel concierge applications are becoming a must-have for major hospitality brands seeking to tap into guests’ smartphones to anticipate their needs before arrival on premises.

Hospitality marketers’ recent embracing of mobile technology has prompted many hotel brands to employ their own or third-party concierge solutions to drive room service ordering and easy communication with staff in a bid to personalize guest stays even more. Experts also suggest that teaming up with a third-party vendor is a smarter solution than marketers attempting to create their own branded experience, although SMS can still play a critical role (see story).