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De Grisogono activates St. Moritz guide book via chatbot concierge

January 6, 2017

Image courtesy of de Grisogono Image courtesy of de Grisogono


Swiss jeweler de Grisogono has put together an interactive guide to St. Moritz for the ultimate alpine get-together experience.

Each winter season, de Grisogono celebrates its Swiss heritage by heading to the Alps during prime ski conditions. At the center of its Swiss Alps-themed venture is de Grisogono’s Black Book, a print travel guide dedicated to a location particularly popular for winter activities such as apres ski.

"De Grisogono was built with an innovative and creative approach to jewelry and high-jewelry as well as on celebration of glamour," said Gianluca Maina, marketing director at de Grisogono

"The Black Book project was initiated last year with the Gstaad issue with this in mind as well as a strong link to specific retail destinations where de Grisogono enjoys a unique positioning," he said. "The St. Moritz boutique is located in the Badrutt’s Palace, which is a landmark building and one of  the most iconic place in St. Moritz."      

St. Moritz tips
This winter, de Grisogono is visiting the Swiss Alps town of St. Moritz, known for its “avant-garde spirit.”

De Grisogono’s St. Moritz Black Book offers consumers an editorialized view of the popular ski destination.

Content includes top locations and insights from residents to ensure visitors make the most out of their time at St. Moritz. Location-based content is accompanied by the jeweler’s latest collection, photographed in various winter scenes at iconic spots in St. Moritz such as Badrutt's Palace.

"The Black Book celebrates values such as creativity and glamour that are also embodied in other fields/professions, for example with creative chef, Andreas Caminada, interviewed in the Black Book," Mr. Maina said. 

"De Grisogono was born from Fawaz Gruosi’s vision and the Black Book is a way for us to share his lifestyle and his vision," he said. "With this technological tool and the printed version of the book we offer a more complete and interactive experience.  

"The printed version is destined to offer a different usage while the chatbot and social media encourage a direct interaction with client, both being totally complementary."

de grisgono.BlackBook-StMoritz

De Grisogono's Black Book, St. Moritz 

“Life is a beautiful journey. Places magnified by emotions are the ones that you will never forget; they become a common ground, a common bond,” the brand says in communications for the St. Moritz effort. “The world is a book made of undiscovered treasures; everywhere we go, we gather memories and leave footprints.

“De Grisogono Black Book invites you to travel the world, meeting with people and place that will make the world feel like home,” says de Grisogono in its statement.

The travel guide format is a way for brands to demonstrate that they are citizens of the world and well-versed in destinations that an affluent consumer may visit.

French leather goods brand Louis Vuitton, for example, has seen much success by offering City Guides to nearly 30 global cities in both paperback and mobile application forms. Its app version was recently named one of 2016’s best apps by Apple (see story).

"De Grisogono’s release of the Black Book travel guide demonstrates their core identity as a Swiss brand," said Isabel Kieszkowski, digital media coordinator at Blue Moon Digital.

"When we travel, we seek information from locals because they typically give authentic, yet unique tips about where to eat and what to explore in their city," she said. "The Black Book shows that de Grisogono has enough experiential knowledge about being a Swiss brand to share travel tips about one of the most luxurious destinations in Switzerland, St. Moritz."

Seeking to bring its Black Book for St. Moritz to life, de Grisogono has designed a chatbot for recommendations in real time. The de Grisogono “BOTler” is available through Facebook Messenger and Telegram, and provides consumers visiting St. Moritz with 24/7 access to a personal concierge.

Interacting with the de Grisogono BOTler will ensure an unforgettable trip via reservations at the best restaurants in St. Moritz and insider advice on unique or hidden venues. The chatbot can also make an appointment at de Grisogono’s St. Moritz boutique.

de grisogono.chatbot 400

De Grisogono's BOTler chatbot for St. Moritz 

While visiting de Grisogono’s St. Mortiz boutique, consumers are encouraged to explore its high-jewelry collections, enjoy the city’s signature cocktail, a layered shooter of black raspberry liqueur and cream, and Instagram the experience using the #BlackBookDeGrisogono hashtag.

The jeweler's boutique in St. Mortiz is open from December to March in winter and June to September for the summer season.

Last year, de Grisogono transported consumers to the snowy locale of Gstaad in the Bernese Alps through a social travel journal.

Told in chapters, “Winter Tales in Gstaad” took place at the Gstaad Palace, a hotel that dates back to the early 20th century, bringing followers along for the ride via videos, text and imagery. The second of de Grisogono's travel journals, this seasonal diary offers the jeweler an opportunity to connect with its audience in a more intimate way (see story).

By changing up its strategy for a yearly effort, de Grisogono is likely to keep consumers engaged year after year.

Chatty brands
Chatbots have become a popular method for brands to communicate with consumers about a host of topics.

For example, department store chain Nordstrom enlisted a conversational agent to help consumers pinpoint the perfect present for everyone on their list.

The retailer timed the release of its first chatbot for the holiday shopping season, programming a series of questions designed to build a profile of the recipient and relevant product recommendations for the gifter. With the pressure of shopping for others, which can lead some to draw a blank on what to get, this bot offers a natural path toward purchase (see story).

Also, Swiss watchmaker Jaeger-LeCoultre stepped away from typical luxury watch manufacturer strategy with an innovative experience that introduces a chatbot to Facebook followers as an out-of-store associate.

Interested customers on Facebook can now interact with Jaeger-LeCoultre to find the perfect watch for them. The chatbot recommends suitable watches based on users’ responses to questions, a strategy that greatly differs from traditional watch brands that usually rely on their name to carry them (see story).

"Print is a more traditional medium while digital is still a rather new avenue for many luxury brands, therefore many consumers," said Blue Moon Digital's Ms. Kieszkowski.

"Releasing this travel helper in both print and digital will capture more consumers: those that prefer to use physical guide books and those that have been totally consumed by digital and therefore only use mobile apps, for example," she said.

"Even though both efforts have different strategies, they complement each other because they share the goal to cater the consumer with a unique travel experience."