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Fragrance and personal care

Dior appeals to product-conscious consumers with sustainable skincare

March 3, 2017

Dior Hydra Life Dior Hydra Life


French fashion house Christian Dior has committed itself to environmentally friendly skincare in its latest personal care launch.

The LVMH-owned house offers a varied skincare collection, but many products, such as anti-aging creams and firming serums, are geared toward an older, more mature demographic. Dior’s Hydra Life, a collection of nine products, is skewed toward a younger, product-conscious consumer as the line is free of unnecessary ingredients and is sold in colorful, eco-designed packaging.

"2017’s millennials fall between the ages of 20 and 36," said Isabel Kieszkowski, digital media coordinator at Blue Moon Digital, Denver, CO. "Currently, in the United States, there are approximately 80 million individuals falling in this age range, making it the largest demographic in the country.

"In addition, millennials will have an estimated $1.3 trillion in disposable income by the year 2020.1 Demographically speaking, this is a segment that companies cannot ignore anymore," she said.

"From a behavioral standpoint, millennials are at an 'in between' phase with their skin. Specifically, this phase is post-teenage acne and pre-aging, therefore millennials need skincare that is geared toward providing the best possible ingredients for the current state of their complexions."

Ms. Kieszkowski is not affiliated with Dior, but agreed to comment as an industry expert. Dior was reached for comment.

Skin deep
As with all of Dior’s skincare collections, Hydra Life is rooted in cutting-edge scientific research. For the first time, Dior Science looked at skin as a living organ by taking into account skin flora, the upper layer essentially to natural beauty.

Dior is the first brand to partner with the Human Microbiome Project, a worldwide collaboration researching skin flora genes. The project features 200 researchers, 250 patents and has published findings in 370 scientific journals.

The resulting line is gentle on the skin and eco-friendly by minimizing the presence of parabens, silicone and petrochemical derivatives. Also, the packaging is constructed from leaflets, corrugated cardboard and cellophane and its ink is derived from natural origins.

These efforts combine reduces the environmental impact of the Hydra Life skincare collection.

dior.Hydra Life skincare products

Dior Hydra Life skincare products

Hydra Life includes deep hydration toners and creams, three types of masks made from jelly, clay and balm, a trio of cleansers and lastly, an exfoliating powder.

Dior’s campaign for collection is set to pop group Fifth Harmony’s “The Life,” and features 19-year-old Danish model Frederikke Sofie Falbe-Hansen and 24-year-old South Korean model Sora Choi.

The campaign video begins with both women waking up in sun-lit bedrooms. As they start their days, they Facetime with one another before using Dior Hydra Life products as part of their daily routine.

Following scenes in the 45-second spot show the models dressed in casual wear or in pajamas as they lounge around their bedrooms. Other scenes show the women wearing Dior Hydra Life masks and a scattering of Dior shopping bags.

The video has also been edited down to two nine-second teaser clips as well. For the effort, Dior worked with photographer Cass Bird to achieve a "realistic, analog style."

Dior is using the hashtag #ItsMyLife to promote the skincare collection.

Dior Hydra Life - The new nature-infused masks

Dior Hydra Life launched exclusively at LVMH-owned beauty retailer Sephora in March. The collection will have wider availability starting in April.

Science and beauty
Dior’s new skincare line emphasizes a natural, “makeup free” look achieved through eco-friendly treatments and products.

In the past, much of Dior’s marketing for this aspect of its personal care division have spoken to an older, more mature consumers whose skincare needs are different than a younger, millennial-aged shopper.

"Baby boomers currently have the highest spending power and are more likely to purchase makeup and skincare from luxury brands right now but this does not guarantee stability for the future of Dior Beauty," Blue Moon Digital's Ms. Kieszkowski said. "Although millennials aren’t the largest segment purchasing high-end skincare today, they soon will be.

"Dior’s strategy to foster early adoption with this demographic is a smart long-term plan because, one, the size of the baby boomer demographic will be on the decline in the future," she said. "And, two, millennials will eventually grow older, and if brand loyalty is embedded in them at an early age, Dior will have a group of customers to cross-sell other product lines to.

"In addition to expanding a consumer base to millennials, Hydra Life’s additive-free aspect may be enticing to consumers who are seeking effective, natural products to add to their regimen. Therefore, Dior is maximizing opportunity by targeting new segments demographically and behaviorally."

dior.hydra life skincare

Dior Hydra Life skincare  

Despite targeting different demographics, one element of its skincare communications remains the same. Dior consistently leverages the research behind its products, using science as a selling point.

For example, Dior shined a light on the amount of toxins that build up on consumers’ faces daily through its 2014 campaign for the One Essential skin care line.

According to Dior, 7 billion toxins build up in the skin each day and as the height of summer was approaching, many consumers were likely interested in how to keep their skin care regimen seasonally appropriate. By including this type of figure in its product introduction, consumers may have been more inclined to trust the benefits of One Essential’s detox serum (see story).

More recently, Dior provided consumers with on-the-go skincare to ensure the complexion of their dreams.

Dior’s latest compact, the Dreamskin Perfect Skin Cushion, part of the Capture Totale skincare range, is described as being the “perfect complexion” creator with SPF 50, a highly moisturizing formula and patented air cushion technology. For its skincare and cosmetics communications, Dior often puts its 40-years of research and steadfast dedication to beauty science at the forefront of its messaging, an element that may help consumers trust its products over its competitors (see story).

"Because Dior is championing products that safeguard the skin’s natural ecosystem, their high-end regimen will catch the attention of younger consumers who truly care about their skin," Ms. Kieszkowski said. "This scientific partnership shows that the brand is not releasing a skincare line for the sake of expanding their portfolio but to fill a health-related need for consumers concerned with their skin."