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Dior goes for gold with flashy J’adore campaign

October 29, 2018

J'adore Dior Charlize Theron J'adore Absolu is the newest addition to the J'adore collection. Image credit: Dior


French couture house Christian Dior is reuniting with a longtime ambassador for a gilded campaign promoting its newest addition to the J’adore collection.

Actress Charlize Theron stars in the introduction video for J’adore Absolu, a more floral interpretation of the house’s classic J’adore fragrance. Over the years, many J’adore efforts have focused on Ms. Theron herself, but the newest film surrounds the iconic beauty with an army of powerful women.

“Charlize Theron has been the face and embodiment of J’Adore Dior since its original launch in 1999,” said Rony Zeidan, founder and creative director of RO New York. "With almost 20 years under their belt, Charlize looks more godly than ever in this tantalizing fresh film that solidifies the brand’s legacy as this all golden Cleopatra-inspired modern nomad.”

Mr. Zeidan is not affiliated with Dior, but agreed to comment as an industry expert. Dior was reached for comment.

Gilded goddesses
Directed by Romain Gavras, the J’adore Absolu film is set in a Turkish-inspired bath house decked in gold. After showing women dressed in tulle and gold gowns lounging by the pools, the camera finds Ms. Theron in the water.

As the epic score begins to intensify, Ms. Theron begins to rise from the water and approach the camera. Everything in the spacious room, including her shimmery but subtle makeup, reflects the gold trademark of J’adore.

Charlize Theron returns as the face of J'adore Dior

When Ms. Theron steps out of the pool, the beat of Kanye West’s track “Flashing Lights” begins. A silhouette of her body is shown, but her appearance is strong and elegant instead of sexualized.

Now wearing her own haute couture gown, Ms. Theron leads the women as they confidently strut barefoot through the gold temple.

J'adore Dior Charlize Theron

Ms. Theron is surrounded by women in the newest ad. Image credit: Dior

As she breaks away, Ms. Theron whispers “J’adore” to the camera.

The J'adore collection includes the classic J'adore eau de parfum, as well as J'adore L'or and J'adore in Joy, among others. J'adore Absolu has notes of jasmine, rose and orange blossom and is more amber in color than the original fragrance.

Fragrance efforts
Dior has recently refocused on its fragrances, releasing new scents and new campaigns.

The brand launched its newest scent with the help of one of the brand's most relatable celebrity ambassadors.

Joy by Dior, the label's first fragrance launch in almost two decades, is meant to appeal to younger women who have yet to embrace luxury scents. Actress Jennifer Lawrence, who is known for her down-to-Earth personality and award-winning film career, stars in the Joy campaign (see story).

The fashion house also built on its relationship with Natalie Portman as the personification of the fragrance Miss Dior with a spot that viewed more as a music video combined with a film trailer rather than a perfume ad.

Ms. Portman took her place as Miss Dior yet again, but flexed her film muscles a little more. The spot asks viewers, “And you, what would you do for love?” while constructing a narrative meant to put the focus on a fiery love affair (see story).

Ms. Theron most recently appeared in a J'adore campaign back in 2014. In "The Future is Gold," she uses a silk rope to ascend to the top of a dome in Versailles with an opening in the center.

A voiceover narrates that although the past is beautiful, one cannot live there and to escape one must move upward. The narrator tells viewers that “the future is gold.” As this is said, Ms. Theron emerges through the window in the dome and a city covered in golden lights is seen (see story).

"Charlize and J’adore are synonymous and it’s fantastic to see that she has remained the face of this fragrance since day one, something rarely seen in the world of beauty," Mr. Zeidan said.