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Four Seasons continues to outpace competitors with early adoption of Pinterest places

November 22, 2013


Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts is showing further social media plasticity with its early embrace of Pinterest's new "Place Pins" option that allows users to map out previous, planned or fantasized excursions.

The latest feature lets fans document locations by quickly jotting addresses or phone numbers correlating to a geographical spot that will then pop up on their map. Currently, the hotel chain allows followers to view four location-studded maps on the subjects of Gastronomic Travel, Concierge Recommends: Europe Uncovered, Extraordinary Honeymoons and Around the World by Private Jet.

"To support the launch of Place Pins, Pinterest asked some of the best names in travel to create inventive boards to inspire Pinterest users," said Sorya Gaulin, director of corporate public relations and social media at Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, Toronto.

"Innovation is part of our DNA at Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, especially in regards to social media, so we're always eager to embrace something new that adds value to our guests and followers," she said.

"We were excited to partner with Pinterest and take advantage of early access to the Place Pins functionality in order to give travelers a new way to chart their adventures."

Aerial view

Since Pinterest users already gather pins from around the world, the new feature allows for better organization and lends an exploratory flavor to boards.

Four Seasons Facebook post

The places function works with existing boards, so users can add this new dimension by going to settings and adding a map. Then, existing pins emerge with pinned icons when tagged with a location.

Travelers will likely turn to Pinterest places to sketch imminent trips.

On the brand side of the picture, maps impart a clearer sense of inspirations because locations can be gleaned in a moment.

In other words, Four Seasons culls from multiple countries for its Gastronomic board, but this eclecticism is diminished when perusing the board pin by pin.

Part of Four Seasons Gastronomic Travel

Four Seasons encourages followers to take their Pin.Pack.Go boards to the next level by using Places to explore the area around the hotel for additional recommendations.

The hospitality group amplified its Pinterest presence with a “Pin.Pack.Go” service that enables travelers to better prepare for their trips by receiving travel recommendations from hotel specialists.

Creating a platform for the brand to organically chronicle its properties will likely produce a gallery that clarifies remote aspects of travel and helps guests plan trips (see story).

Several other brands from other markets and product categories including Burberry and Architectural Digest have curated place boards to coincide with the debut, but Four Seasons appears to be the sole luxury hotel brand in this position.

Burberry weather board

In and out of the forest

While some luxury brands are circumspect about adopting new platforms, Four Seasons anatomizes new options through immersion and then decides whether or not to dedicate more resources.

A Four Seasons executive at the Luxury Interactive 2013 conference said that the hotel chain generates around 3,400 pieces of original content per week across 393 social media and related platforms.

The speaker also said that customer and guest activity defines how much time and resources the brand dedicates to each channel. The localized expertise of each property allows the brand to produce an enormous variety of content (see story).

Although social media platform value varies wildly, brands should foster at least a nominal presence in as many areas as possible.

"More than 110 guests have leveraged Pin.Pack.Go to plan their Four Seasons stay with 48 properties across all regions," Ms. Gaulin said.

"Paris has been the most popular destination, receiving the most requests to date," she said.

Final Take
Joe McCarthy, editorial assistant on Luxury Daily, New York