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Four Seasons sets trends with immersive wellness experience in Bora Bora

February 6, 2023

Four Seasons Awaken kicks off with yoga, Pilate and breath work. Image credit: Four Seasons Four Seasons Awaken kicks off with yoga, Pilate and breath work. Image credit: Four Seasons


Hospitality group Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts is capitalizing on the latest trends with the launch of its ‘Awaken – An Immersive Wellness Experience’ offering.

Awaken is a wellness retreat at the Four Seasons Resort Bora Bora featuring unique programming designed to help guests embrace a healthy lifestyle. Led by renowned yoga specialist Claire Grieve and holistic health coach Koya Webb, the retreat will provide guests with a new perspective of physical and mental wellbeing.

"With an increased focus on wellness and healthy lifestyle, we created this extraordinary retreat as an exclusive offering to our guests," said Romain Chanet, general manager of Four Seasons Resort Bora Bora, in a statement.

Well, well
The concept of wellness has become increasingly popular over the past decade, encompassing everything from nutrition and physical fitness to mindfulness and spirituality.

With Awaken, Four Seasons is embracing all aspects of the wellness trend.

The retreat features fitness sessions including yoga, Pilates and stand-up paddleboard to help guests enhance their physical wellbeing.

Mindfulness is highlighted in other activities such as breathwork, sound healing, meditation and chakra balancing practice.

Throughout the whole experience, guests will enjoy a sustainable French and Polynesian menu created by executive chef Eric Desbordes that is designed to be both healthy and delicious.

The global wellness industry is valued at $1.5 trillion, according to McKinsey & Co.

Luxury hospitality brands such as Four Seasons have been at the forefront of the wellness movement. New experiences such as Awaken will only increase their dominance of the market.

Travel has changed dramatically since the COVID-19 pandemic. It is widely acknowledged that consumers are increasingly craving immersive experiences that allow them to escape daily life.

Pairing the popular trend of wellness retreats with a luxury bespoke experience positions Four Seasons at the cutting edge of luxury hospitality.

Big tent
Four Seasons has tapped into wellness at other properties, including Naviva, located next to the renowned Four Seasons Resort Punta Mita, Mexico, which offers guests the opportunity to stay on 48 acres of coastal forest within a luxury tent.

The all-inclusive experience at Four Seasons-owned Naviva is centered around relaxation, exploring one’s tether to nature, community and authentic wellness.

The 15 tents and grand tents situated within the forest combine outdoor and indoor living, the design of the dwellings themselves inspired by nature (see story).

Health and wellness are set to be enduring themes in upscale hospitality this decade. Four Seasons’ turn to yoga expert Ms. Grieve and holistic health guide Ms. Webb for its Bora Bora property is a merely a taste of things to come.

"Claire and Koya are true experts who will lead this collection of exciting, interactive and engaging experiences for all to enjoy," Mr. Chanet said, in a statement.