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Fred celebrates love in ‘Pretty Woman’ inspired campaign

February 3, 2021

Emma Roberts wearing pieces from the Pretty Woman high jewelry collection. Image credit: LVMH


LVMH-owned jeweler Fred is paying tribute to the 1990 American film Pretty Woman with a relaunched collection of jewelry and high jewelry.

The French jeweler has reimagined the collection with a rubellite and diamond “heart within a heart” motif throughout its high jewelry collection and white and pink gold for the jewelry collection. Fred has chosen American actress Emma Roberts, niece of Pretty Woman star Julia Roberts, to join in this celebration of love and jewelry.

"Fred Samuel had a natural, artistic compassion for jewelry," said Rebecca Miller, founder/CEO at ARTful Communication, New York. "He developed a resolute love of sunlight, the sea and color.

"We see this in the locations selected to shoot the video, the wardrobe and makeup colors featured, and the confident ease Emma brings to the visual expression," she said. "It pairs his radical view of jewelry as part of everyday life which he perceived as essential, especially for women, with his mastery of personalization."

Your Way, Your Love
Fred and Pretty Woman have shared a special relationship since before the release of the iconic film. In 1990, members of the film’s production team visited the Fred store on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills looking for a piece of jewelry for Ms. Roberts, and chose a ruby and diamond hearts necklace that ultimately played a critical role at one point in the film.

Glamorous necklace, part of the Pretty Woman high jewelry collection. Image credit: LVMH

The newest interpretation of the Pretty Woman high jewelry collection aims to project freedom of expression, mixing and matching high jewelry that can be worn every day. The collection includes 22 pieces that pay homage to the original necklace with diamonds and rubellites.

The centerpiece of the high jewelry collection is the Audacious necklace, featuring 554 diamonds and eight heart-cut rubellites. It can transform into different pieces with seven detachable hearts that become earrings, a broach, a lapel pin or a sautoir.

The Glamorous necklace, boasting 659 diamonds and 11 rubellites, takes over 340 hours to create.

The original necklace from the film has also been reborn in a flow of hearts paved with 992 diamonds and 17 rubellite hearts set inside. The collection also includes an array of cuff bracelets, broaches, rings and earrings.

The jewelry collection features a “heart within a heart” motif in pieces that come in pink or white gold or studded with diamonds. These pieces have the ability to transform and can be worn in an assortment of ways, similar to their high jewelry counterparts.

FRED—Pretty Woman collection

A nearly two-minute short film starring the younger Ms. Roberts illustrates the multitude of ways one can wear the jewelry pieces, pointing to themes of freedom and femininity. The 1960s hit song “Pretty Woman” plays as she models in a house overlooking Los Angeles.

Throughout the vignette, Ms. Roberts tries on different pieces while excluding confident, playful and unconditional love. In addition to the jewelry, she wears boldly colored vintage- and menswear-inspired clothing, reminiscent of the original film’s wardrobe.

"Emma is portrayed as an independent woman featured in a variety of scenarios, exactly as Fred’s sees its jewelry being purchased and worn," Ms. Miller said. "An effortless mix and match of casual to business to more formal events, an all-encompassing sense of freedom and confidence."


Gems of film
Luxury jewelry has prominently been featured on red carpets and in film throughout history, and some brands have even turned to the silver screen for inspiration.

In October 2020, U.S. jeweler Tiffany and Co. released a featurette highlighting a piece of jewelry shown in Kenneth Branagh’s feature film Death on the Nile. Based on the Agatha Christie 1937 novel of the same name, Death on the Nile includes a star-studded cast featuring Gal Gadot, Annette Bening and Armie Hammer.

In the film, Mr. Hammer’s character gives his new bride, portrayed by Ms. Gadot, the Tiffany Diamond. The film used a recreation of the original necklace, which features a a 128.54-carat Fancy Yellow diamond with cushion-cut and round brilliant white diamonds of over 100 total carats (see story).

In 2019, Italian brand Bulgari celebrated its bold heritage with a high-jewelry collection inspired by elaborate Italian filmmaking. The Cinemagia collection, which includes jewelry with gemstones in green, red, blue and other colors, was introduced with a short vignette inspired by themes of femininity and film (see story).

Fred’s vision for this new collection and campaign was inspired by freedom of love and expression, as seen in the classic romantic comedy — the freedom to love joyfully, unconditionally and eternally.

"The Pretty Woman collection reinterprets the love one has for self and others, a duality of expressions," Ms. Miller said. "The campaign is a visual representation of their impulsive position on love."