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Georg Jensen makes love connections in social effort

February 11, 2016

Georg Jensen, Hidden Heart Georg Jensen, Hidden Heart


Danish jeweler Georg Jensen is encouraging consumers to close their eyes and see with their hearts as an ode to the sentiment of St. Valentine’s Day.

Georg Jensen’s social media push extends across platforms, namely Facebook and Instagram, allowing followers to interact with the campaign in different ways. By asking questions of its social audience, Georg Jensen is able to create a dialogue that extends beyond its own promotions for a feeling that is more authentic, especially as the content generated regards individual experiences of love.

"Social media is the common medium where most consumers will be," said Romey Louangvilay, chief curator and director of digital marketing at Curate Directive, New York. "While other forms of communication is still important, social media where consumers share their own moments, research gift ideas or simply, communicate with their friends and loved one. It's a strategic move for Georg Jensen to focus on social media as a primary platform to share this message.

"Georg Jensen's social media approach will help keep the brand on top of mind during Valentine's Day, especially as it asks fans to look for hidden hearts," he said. "The social media content shared to date has garnered interaction from several hundreds of fans. In addition, it's just a whimsical campaign to get people in the spirit of Valentine's Day."

Mr. Louangvilay is not affiliated with associated with Georg Jensen, but agreed to comment as an industry expert.

Georg Jensen did not respond by press deadline.

Love is love

Across its social channels, Georg Jensen is celebrating “love in all forms” until Valentine’s Day. The jeweler captured this in a brief film shown on Facebook that shows the interactions of one couple split between six smaller frames.

The video montage show close-ups of the woman’s jewelry and the couple with intertwined fingers, lounging on the floor and on tangled bedsheets. The content includes items from the Hidden Heart collection, rings from the Fusion ring line and a decanter and glasses from Georg Jensen’s Ilse.

Some love stories begin at the beginning of a life and the start of a family. Some begin with a glance, a kiss or a friendship. Some end in tears, some last a dream. Others a lifetime. We celebrate love in all forms from now until Valentine’s. Look for love posts on our Facebook wall – there will be prizes, praises and plenty of passion.

Posted by Georg Jensen on Thursday, February 4, 2016

Acting an introduction to its Hidden Heart campaign, Georg Jensen followed its initial post with prompts for its followers to share their own love stories. The brand’s first prompt asked, “Who is hidden in your heart” and encouraged followers to tag a loved one in an image of a couple holding hands, outlined by a red heart.

A second prompt explains that “the most important things in life are invisible to the eyes, the saying goes” to encourage followers to close their eyes and see with their heart.

The most important things in life are invisible to the eyes, the saying goes. In this season of love, we encourage you...

Posted by Georg Jensen on Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Links on both prompts lead consumers to Georg Jensen’s ecommerce Web site with its Hidden Heart collection front and center to spur gifting for Valentine’s Day.

Georg Jensen also cross promoted its content from Instagram on Facebook by letting consumers “share all the hidden hearts around [them]” on content posted to the photo-sharing application.

The first section of content found on Georg Jensen’s Instagram repurposes the frames seen in the Facebook video, but shared across six posts.

Since Instagram only allows video post of 15-seconds, the spliced version presents consumers with more interaction points. Also, the format allows the viewer to be more engaged with the plot of each scene, letting the details of the couple’s love and jewelry featured become more of a focal point.

Georg Jensen continued the Hidden Heart with images of hearts formed by a cookie cutter, hands, the stem of a blueberry and a ring of fallen leaves. Each image symbolizes that love is all around, in unexpected places and unconventional ways.

Putting love into words
The definition of love is a popular approach to Valentine’s Day marketing efforts. Since the subject matter is hard to narrow down, as feelings, experience and relationships differ so greatly by person, the ideology of love gives marketers a lot to play with.

For instance, U.S. jewelry brand Tiffany & Co. asked the age-old question, “What is love?” to explore the different definitions and variants of today’s romantic relationships.

The What is Love? effort serves as Tiffany’s Valentine’s Day campaign, and features testimonials from an assortment of individuals, a gift guide and a love generator that presents consumers with an opportunity to express their personal answer to the frequently pondered question. With so many personal interpretations of what love is and means, featuring a bevy of consumer profiles likely serves as an accurate depiction of the individuals purchasing Tiffany jewelry for loved ones (see story).

Similarly, jeweler David Yurman is celebrating the diverse ways in which affection can blossom to make consumers consider their own love story around Valentine’s Day.

Housed on the brand’s Web site and playing across its social accounts, the feature takes a look at young love, Hollywood-worthy relationships and longtime partnerships between soulmates. Speaking to the universal experience of love rather than taking an overtly branded tactic for the holiday may help David Yurman make an emotional connection with consumers (see story).

Presenting opportunities for consumers to become an active part of a campaign narrative may keep that brand top of mind.

"The brand is involving its consumers into the story telling process by encouraging them to look for hidden hearts in various objects," Mr. Louangvilay said. "It's a good approach for the brand since the new collection is fluid and has the 'heart' shape sort of hidden, and their social campaign to get consumers to find hidden hearts strengthens that bond.

"[Georg Jensen], in essence, is telling consumers that hidden hearts are everywhere and this collection celebrates that," he said. "It makes the bond between brand and consumer stronger."