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Gucci gives directorial control to ‘beginners’ in newest campaign series

October 30, 2020

'Unity Call' by Kelvin Harrison Jr. Image credit: Gucci


Italian fashion label Gucci has collaborated with Dazed to launch “Absolute Beginners,” a new series granting various artists their directorial debuts.

Gucci and Dazed challenged a selection of nine artists, from models to actors, to get behind the camera and direct short films for the fashion brand. The artists developed their own screenplays and brought their visions for Gucci to life as directors.

Beginner’s luck
Gucci and Dazed have already released five of nine anticipated films, each one portraying unique characters in different settings but all starring the Gucci Jackie 1961 bag.

Actors Elle Fanning, Kelvin Harrison Jr., Jodie Turner-Smith, Benedetta Porcaroli and Emma Corrin are the first group of notable artists to participate in the collaborative project and present their original work.

Elle Fanning directed ‘Gucci Always Wins’

The assignment for these first-time directors was to highlight the force of pop culture and innocence, the beauty in conviction and the power and vulnerability that kindles creativity — all while focusing on the Gucci Jackie bag.

The second wave of films is slated to be released on Nov. 6, and will feature short films by Lily Gavin, Barry Keoghan, Yoshi and Arlo Parks.

Jodie Turner-Smith presents ‘Jackie’

To celebrate the film series across social media, Dazed and Gucci reached out to Morgan Presely, the creator behind Tik Tok’s Gucci Model Challenge, to launch the #GucciAbsoluteBeginners guide to living a Gucci life.

Gucci’s in on it
As a top global brand under a fine microscope, Gucci has been mocked in the past for its offbeat creative choices and has been a victim to counterfeit culture, but continues to embrace negative perceptions by utilizing highly respected celebrities among generation Z and millenials and joining the cultural discourse.

In September, Gucci tapped a trio of irreverent and greatly admired musicians for its men’s tailoring campaign celebrating the laidback lifestyle of a rock star. American rappers A$AP Rocky and Tyler, the Creator joined Iggy Pop in the campaign shot by longtime Gucci collaborator, photographer and director Harmony Korine (see story).

Earlier this month, Gucci released an entirely satirical collection poking fun at counterfeit culture and knock-off goods by embellishing its retro logo with the motto “Fake/Not” on shoes, bags, jackets and more. Rather than taking legal action against counterfeit culture perpetrators, the fashion house simply joined the game and became an active participant (see story)

Gucci has also previously collaborated with Dazed on "Growing Pains," a collaborative video and podcast project coinciding with the introduction of Gucci Bloom fragrances. The series featured podcast interviews and videos with three women, each representing one of the fragrances (see story).