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Hermès exercises style in new athletic film

February 17, 2021

Hermès bicolor jogging crewneck t-shirt in Amande. Image credit: Hermès


French fashion house Hermès is putting accessories in the spotlight for its newest energetic campaign focused on athleticism.

With this collection and campaign, the brand invites its consumers to be everyday athletes with elegance and agility. The film features a variety of accessories from the collection, from scarves to shoes to belts, in an energetic and dynamic narrative.

Hermès Fit
The colorful and lively film begins with a group of individuals stretching in a concrete athletics facility held up by massive pillars, in the manner of an ancient Roman gymnasium.

One athlete, wearing stacked Hermès bracelets, twirls hula hoops, while others lift “weights” which are in actuality Hermès sneakers. One woman dons blue Hermès leather gloves before practicing on a punching bag, while a young man boxes while wearing the red pair.

Hermès — Start the movement

The group comes back together to showcase the brand’s iconic silk scarves in a synchronized performance at the center of the gym.

The film closes on a shot of the athletes stretching again like in the first frame.

Juniore’s “Magnifique” plays throughout the entire video, supplementing the movement between shots and the agility of the film’s subjects.

In 1837, Thierry Hermès founded the brand as a workshop making quality leather harnesses and saddles. Nearly 185 years later, the brand continues to expand its repertoire, which now includes a wide range of shoes, bags, jewelry and clothing.

Image from Hermès Fit collection. Image credit: Hermès

While this is not the first time Hermès has dabbled in the casual fashion space, the streetwear trend has more notably attracted brands such as Gucci and Balenciaga. With its classic accessories such as scarves and bracelets juxtaposed with the casual and comfortable nature of sports and athleticism in this campaign, Hermès could potentially be introducing its consumers to a new era for the brand.

Due to the effects of the pandemic, Hermès saw revenues down across leather goods, ready-to-wear and accessories, watches and jewelry compared to 2019 (see story). As they work to regain momentum and achieve positive growth, Hermès seems to be taking a new approach to its branding strategy.

Couture to comfort
Before the COVID-19 pandemic, brands were beginning to experiment with more casual streetwear collections, however, the health crisis accelerated consumer demands. People began exchanging their high-end work clothes and couture evening wear for more comfortable street- and loungewear.

Towards the end of 2019, French conglomerate LVMH invested in Los Angeles-based streetwear label Madhappy as it aimed to court Gen Z consumers. The direct-to-consumer brand was founded in 2017 and has established a dedicated following with biweekly limited drops and pop-up shops (see story).

Last fall, months after the onset of the pandemic, French fashion house Dior brought elegance to the sofa and bedroom with its first ever loungewear capsule collection. Designed by Maria Grazia Chiuri and artist Pietro Ruffo, the Dior Chez Moi collection featured pajama sets, kimonos, slippers, activewear and bathrobes to celebrate the art of living at home in style (see story).