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How customized QR codes can drive CRM

September 28, 2011

Ralph Lauren's customized QR codes


Luxury brands have been using QR codes in out-of-home, print, in-store and online displays, but those that take it a step further by customizing them can increase brand loyalty and build CRM.

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1 thought on “How customized QR codes can drive CRM”

  1. Customizing a code does provide a great branding opportunity and creates a visually appealing interaction for consumers, but it is imperative to note that the more a code is customized, the more difficult it is to scan. For instance, I tried to scan the RL code above with 5 different scanners – only 3 could read it. A black-and-white code may not be as interesting, but it will mean the largest reach possible for your campaign. It’s important that, anytime a code is customized, there is extensive testing to ensure it can be easily read by all major barcode scanners. This is an area where it’s critical for brands and agencies to engage an end-to-end solution provider in creating and managing their codes.