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Hugo Boss sales decline led by Europe, US markets

November 2, 2016

Hugo Boss Jet watch promotion Hugo Boss Jet watch promotion


German fashion label Hugo Boss is reconfirming its financial outlook for the 2016 fiscal year after the group’s sales declined by 2 percent in the first nine months of the period.

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1 thought on “Hugo Boss sales decline led by Europe, US markets”

  1. Robin says:

    numbers and percents, but where are the actual consumer & customer insights as to WHY China up and rest of world (incl www) down?
    which are the main contributors? Footfall, western world not getting out of sweatpants long enough to wear a suit, direct competition, stuffy/lux/mismatched brand image with consumers, direct competitors?

    Headwinds & challenge economy is now called LIFE, for 1 and all. So there must be something deeper in product, price, ecosystem, consumer opinion, sizing, etc. THAT is the business. The above article is waste of costs info (unless a direct investor.)

    Dropping women out of your customer base changes your business model & of course volumes will plummet. No man shops for a suit 24/7/366. Following suited career industries and employment cycles is a start, but hard to convince sloppy Americans to wear a suit unless a business write off. Experiental= suit tailoring + localized financial advice (incl how to legally write off the cost of the suit & its depreciation & amortized wear value & donation value after wear)