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Instagram’s new look adds luster to digital luxury brand experience

November 12, 2012


Social media platform and image-sharing mobile application Instagram is allowing luxury marketers to reach a wider demographic of users through a new comprehensive profile layout.

Instagram announced the new profile layout via its online blog and emails to users telling them that all accounts will be given a new profile online at The decision to make online profiles came from user requests, according to the mobile platform.

“Instagram gives brands the opportunity to truly show their character and bring customers into their lifestyle,” said Brittany Mills, director of client services at B Culture Media, Atlanta."Visual content always excels on almost all platforms and Instagram allows a brand to infuse great images into their social commentary with a huge demographic of people.

“Instagram photos allow brands to share unique pieces of content,” she said. “Products in motion, behind-the-scenes and live coverage is a great way to add value with Instagram for your brand.

“Instagram offers the amount of engaged users that it has been able to obtain with nothing but picture-based content.”

New look

Instagram recently revealed a new profile look to its Web site that allows users to view profiles online instead of just through the mobile app.

These new profiles were requested by users, according to an Instagram blog post.

The new look will help marketers promote their products to followers. It will hopefully encourage more users to sign-up for Instagram now that the Web site is more appealing, which could lead to more followers for brands.

“I think Instagram is seeing a huge increase in brand adoption and it wants to offer a unique experience to those brands for their customers,” Ms. Mills said. “Brands might be more inclined to share their profiles with their audiences if the Instagram online destination was more appealing.

“I believe this is only the first update by Instagram for brands,” she said.

Image content

Online images may help engage consumers in a brand.

“Based on my experience, users are 40 percent more likely to engage with brands that post pictures over any other form of media,” said Melissa Ptasienski, digital marketing manager at Acquity Group, Chicago. “For brands that have an audience that want to engage in a more creative way, Instagram is a great addition to a brand’s social media presence.

“Instagram provides companies an opportunity to expose a more intimate view of the brand, whether that be a behind-the-scenes look at products, a day in the life of employees or brand advocates, or a product in action," she said.

Many luxury marketers have made use of Instagram’s new profile look such as Burberry, Boucheron and Armani.

Armani's Instagram profile

French jeweler Boucheron made an announcement on Facebook about Instagram’s new profile look through an image and linked to its Instagram page.

Boucheron's Facebook promotion

Burberry is bringing Instagram users into its lifestyle through its profile page.

“Burberry does a great job at showing the personality and inspiration for Burberry through its Instagram account,” B Culture Media’s Ms. Mills said.

Burberry Instagram profile

Furthermore, Instagram allows marketers to create authentic experiences without giving users a sales pitch.

“Instagram is simple and straightforward, allowing for quick user adoption," Acquity Group’s Ms. Ptasienski said.

Final Take

Erin Shea, editorial assistant on Luxury Daily