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Lexus adds drama to stunt driving with Baccarat partnership

April 26, 2017

Still from Lexus' The Crystal Gauntlet


Toyota Corp.'s Lexus has teamed with French crystal-maker Baccarat to show off its vehicles' high-quality performance and precision with its latest vignette.

“The Crystal Gauntlet” with Baccarat is the latest video from Lexus and shows off the automaker's GS F, RC F and LC 500 models, driven by drift world champion Rhys Millen and drivers he has personally selected. The film heightens the drama with stunt driving in a room of Baccarat crystal.

"'The Crystal Gauntlet' highlights the power and precision of Lexus high performance vehicles in an unexpected and exquisite setting – a china shop full of Baccarat crystal," said Nancy Hubbell, senior manager, Lexus communications. "The video is part of Lexus’ high performance campaign, featuring the powerful RC F, GS F and all-new LC 500."

Performance and precision
Lexus' campaign features all real stunt driving to keep viewers at the edge of their seats and build up the brand's “cool factor.”

Lexus' video

While many automakers share videos that show off their vehicle's performance power with a closed track or a race track, Lexus has increased the drama by putting its cars in a crystal showroom.

The video starts out with footage of Baccarat crystal on display, with text that says, “Finely crafted crystal.” Then three of Lexus' vehicles appear lined up, engines revving with the text, “Finely tuned performance.”

One by one, the cars begin stunt driving around the crystal, leaving skid marks in tow. At one point, a vehicle comes extremely close to a shelf of crystal, shown in slow motion.

All the crystal remains unharmed, and the video ends with the phrase, “Shatter expectations, nothing else.”

The video and accompanying imaging has been shared over Lexus' official social accounts, hoping to drum up attention.

Lexus' The Crystal Gauntlet

Lexus campaigns
Lexus also showed off its sense of humor as it debuts an imagined feature aimed at clearing the road ahead.

In honor of April Fools' Day, the automaker unveiled a “Lane Valet” that will shift slow drivers out of the left lane, supposedly making roads safer in the process. While fake technological advances may cause some confusion for the gullible, pranks allow brands to connect with consumers over a shared laugh that goes beyond promotion (see more).

Japanese automaker Lexus recently challenged audiences to “Make Your Mark” in a marketing effort launched for the new LC coupe.

The LC flagship model has been hailed as a new era for Lexus, one where the automaker will make its own mark on the larger high-end automotive industry. Taking its Make Your Mark concept a step further, Lexus has aligned with international music producer and singer Mark Ronson for the effort (see more).

"All of the stunts performed are 100% real. Lexus could have taken the safe route and used fake glass, however we dared to use genuine Baccarat crystal," Ms. Hubbel said. "The vehicles came extremely close to the pieces, however no crystal was harmed in the making of the video – showcasing the refined precision of the Lexus performance vehicles."